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PYP~Mafia [19/21] Day 2 ends 10/14 17:00 cc

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Re: PYP~Mafia [19/21] Day 2 ends 10/14 17:00 cc

Postby legionnare on Sun Oct 12, 2014 10:47 am

strike wolf wrote:Did I miss a post where DJ was proven to be the NRA Agent? Because if not, I am not sure how one of our two candidates who could have been NRA Agent and has now apparently been caught in a fake claim would not be the obvious choice.

The Parity Cop could be in the game because the Copy Cat role would have automatically copied it as the first power role to have died. Go back and read the description for the Copy Cat role.

Oh I see what JW was getting at now. My bad not familiar with the copy cat role.

@JW my apologies
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