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Postby sapato on Sun Aug 10, 2008 6:03 pm

So, this tournament is a copy from the classic football cup.
Will participate 32 teams, from Sagres League and Vitalis League.
The games will be 1vs1 in the map chosen by the player, so it's the map from the Home player..

Cards - Home Player Choice
Fog - Home Player Choice
Fortifications - Home Player Choice

Sagres League

F.C. PORTO - danielcmr Arms Race!; Standard; no cards; unlimited; fog yes
SPORTING - TMG26 Doodle Earth; no cards; unlimited; no fog
VITÓRIA DE GUIMARÃES - herus Africa; Chaine; Flat; Sequential; no fog
BENFICA - krull16 Ardennes; escalating, fog
MARÍTIMO - mbento Great Lakes; standard; sequential; no cards; unlimited; fog
VITÓRIA DE SETUBAL - Apaulus Itália; Standard; Flat rate; Adjacent; No fog
SPORTING DE BRAGA - Xpanhol Age of Marchants; Standard; flate rate; unlimited; fog
BELENENSES - pjanjos British Isles; standard; escalating; chaine; Fog: No
BOAVISTA - Beko the Great New World; Standard; Sequential; Unlimited; Flate rate; Fog of War: Yes
NACIONAL DA MADEIRA - lo0ol Australia ;Standard; Sequential; Flat Rate; Chained; No Fog
NAVAL 1º DE MAIO - JMRL brasil; Sequencial; Flat Rate; Chained; No fog
ACADÉMICA - nilos Pearl Harbour; Standard; No Cards; Chained; no fog
ESTRELA DA AMADORA - reservado (Mercy_Please)
LEIXÕES - Fantásio Classic; flat rate; adjacent; no fog
TROFENSE - sapato Malta; standart; escalating; unlimited; no fog
RIO AVE - lisbon101 American Civil War; Sequencial; flte rate; chained; sunny

Vitalis League
PAÇOS DE FERREIRA - mpsoares Ireland; Standard; Sequencial; Flat Rate; Chained; No Fog
UNIÃO DE LEIRIA - Pip0ka Iberia; Standard; Flat Rate; Chained: FOG – No; Sequencial
VIZELA - Darkenian USA; Standard; Flat Rate; Chained; FOG: No
GIL VICENTE - gaspya World 2.1; standart; no cards; unlimited; no fog
OLHANENSE - Valdevinoxis Europe; standard; sequencial; no cards; adjacent; no fog
BEIRA-MAR - ZeroDJoe Age of Realms2; standard; escalating; chained; fog
AVES - neves Berlin 1961; Standard; Flat Rate; Chained: Fog: yes
ESTORIL - MadRMax San Francisco; Terminator; Sequential; Flat Rate; Chained; Fog: yes
VARZIM - _sioux_ BeneluX; standart; escalating; Chained; no fog
FREAMUNDE - Godinho Middle Earth; Terminator; Sequential; Flat rate; unlimited; FOG: yes
SANTA CLARA - QUASAR British Isles; Standard; Sequential; Flat rate; Chained; FOG: No
PORTIMONENSE - reservado (jjpais)
CHAVES - tzneves New World; no cards; adjacent; no fog
OLIVEIRENSE - reservado (meninodurio)
SPORTING DA COVILHÃ - sr_bob France; No cards; Chained; No fog
OLIVAIS E MOSCAVIDE - nelo Classic; escalating; adjacent; no fog


[sorry from the english errors :oops: ]
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