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CDF Vote Results

Postby Nicky15 on Tue May 07, 2013 8:23 am

CD and Friends is a usergroup where the clans meet to come to decisions, talk about and vote on issues related to clans. Every clan has a rep within CDF. This group is lead by the CD's and headed up by Nicky15. Vote finals are listed below for the public to see.

How Many Reps per clan? :

Consensus is that clans will have 1 rep only who will vote. No other reps needed at this point.

Nukes in CL5? :

A: Yes (18) <-- Winner
B: No (5)
C: Allow Clans to decide in each tie. (15)

Nuke Limits in CL5? :

1. Limit of 3 (20) <-- Winner
2. No Limits (11)

How many hours to join away games in CL 5?

1. 48 Hours 2 Days (7)
2. 72 Hours 3 Days (16) <-- Winner
3. 96 Hours 4 Days (2)

Map Usage in the Cup?

a) Leave it as it was (22) <-- Winner
b) Change to map can be used only once per round (6)
c) Change to map can be used only only twice during entire cup and only once per round (1)
d) Change to map can be used only only thrice during entire cup and only once per round (0)

CCup 4 Trench

Trench Options

a.Trench is permitted to a maximum of 20% of home games, but individual wars can negotiate a higher figure if they wish = (23) <-- Winner
b.Trench is not permitted. = (12)

Site Bugs

Yes a standard replay should be granted = (5)
No a standard replay should not be allowed = (25) <-- Winner

Disclaimer - this can be overridden only if both clans agree.
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