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[Official] Clan Forum Behavior Guidelines

Postby TeeGee on Sat Apr 11, 2020 4:43 pm

For those of you who have been around awhile, you'll be very familiar with these. 99% of it is taken from the old Community Guidelines thread. Generally speaking, it just goes into further detail / explains what we expect from those within the Clan Community.

Don't be intentionally annoying!

Common sense prevails - if you are intentionally or continually making this community less enjoyable for others, you're going to be removed from it. It's that simple.

If you understand this one prevailing rule you can probably stop reading now, or just give everything a glance-over. If you're not sure what 'common sense prevails' means, read on for the boring details. If you don't agree with this, sayonara.

Common Sense

OK, since you're still reading it can't hurt to start with the absolute basics. The Forums, War Priv's, Events etcetera are all privileges of being a Conquer Club community member. They are not inalienable rights. Don't wait for someone to tell you to stop if you know you are violating the Guidelines. If you hang around long enough, you'll know when you are going overboard---so lets police ourselves, for everyone's sake. So if you find yourself acting a little Martian, Venusian or otherwise "un-CC" as you might say, you will find that those privileges mentioned above will be affected.

Our Relaxed Approach

Conquer Club takes a fairly relaxed/liberal approach to what is said on Conquer Club---in our Public Forums, Game Chats, and other areas where users can post their comments and thoughts. Coarse language is generally allowed, so if you find something disagreeable we encourage you to use your Foes List. Though we take a relaxed approach to what is said on Conquer Club, that doesn't mean that we don't have any rules about what can't be said. Ultimately, if a Team Member requests you do something, follow their direction. If you encounter any violations, please let a Team Member know (or use the triangle ! Report a post feature).

Forum Guidelines

Posting in the forum is a privilege, not a right. If you want to continue to keep this privilege, play by the rules.

The following list is a set of guidelines to avoid being annoying. It is not 100% comprehensive, but please read this carefully to ensure you don't accidentally breach the guidelines:

Trolling is the intentional attempt to cause chaos.
show: Trolling Specifics

Flames are posts or parts of posts which, directly or indirectly, insult, belittle, bully, name-call, or otherwise attack another user, and are not allowed.
show: Flaming Specifics

Bigoted comments will not be tolerated---lets all tolerate and live peacefully with one another.
show: Bigotry Specifics

Spam is posting for the sole intention of being annoying.
There are a million ways you shouldn't be annoying, but ones worth mentioning:

show: Spamming Specifics

Off topic posts are posts which de-rail a topic either directly or indirectly, at any point.
show: Off Topic Specifics

Nudity and Pornography are not allowed.
show: Nudity and Pornography Specifics


Posting Etiquette

To avoid annoying the rest of the community, follow these 3 basic steps:

    1. Ask yourself if your post is actually contributing to the topic, or is it off topic or just plain spam? If it's not contributing, find somewhere else to post.
    2. Ask yourself if you are flaming, baiting, feeding a troll or taking the bait. If you are, then don't.
    3. Re-ask the above two questions

There are also some CC specific issues that you need to keep in mind for proper posting.

Un-noted Automatic Join Game Links

  • If you post an Automatic Join Game Link, you must note that it is so to warn other users who may click on the link before the game is filled.

Foreign Language Forums are for language groups to discuss CC in their native language.

  • Language forums are not places to practice your skills with Google translate nor are they for national groups, they are for language groups. If you have problems in them, PM a Community Mod.

Posts that nobody can read are annoying.

  • |337 5p33k (0r d00d 5p34k) 15 h4rd 70 r34d 4nd m4k35 y0u |00k |1k3 4 ch1|d 57uck 1n 7h3 80'5 4nd n07 47 4|| |337.
    Translation: Leet-speak just sucks, and we all know it, and you don't want to suck too, now do you?
  • The only thing more stupid than TYPING IN ALL CAPS is


Rules, precedents and customs from other communities don't apply.

  • Neither do the By-Laws from the Podunk 3rd district. Believe it or not, Conquer Club is a private business. Just because something works one way in another community does not mean that is how it will work here. We're usually less strict and you can get away with a lot, but that doesn't mean that you can pull the "This is how it works everywhere else" card and expect to get away with it. Really. This is not "everywhere else."
  • In the same vein, just because you are here, does not mean you MUST be here. This is a business and CC does reserve the right to promote or discourage any kind of behavior it sees fit. Claiming your first amendment right to free speech to post about the colour of your poop last night will not fly. If a mod or admin specifically say you shouldn't be doing something, regardless of if it's specifically spelled out in the rules, or if you think that they are stupid, it still means don't do it. If you don't like the rules here, will help you find somewhere more appropriate.

Be nice or leave

It's fine if you don't like this site, the clan area or the way it is run...there are plenty of other areas (Tournaments, Standard / Pick up games, etc) or you can find another one with better rules, start another one and make your own rules, abuse another one and try to get them to change their rules, but don't complain about the rules here. :D

Forum & General Rule Enforcement

For users who break the above Guidelines, as they say, "there will be consequences and repercussions." The Mods and Admins will always take into account when past infractions occurred, and the severity of the current infraction and any past infractions, in addition to the intent of the infractions.

In order to curb some poor behaviour in the clan forum threads, players may be denied or have medals removed if their behaviour is deemed to be disruptive or inappropriate, even if it does not meet the site wide policy for a forum infraction. In the past, we’ve locked war threads due to the behaviour of a single individual, thus inherently punishing both clans. In order to be consistent, this will only be applied by the Clan Dept Head (most often these issues are raised by the CD team). See below for more details.

Methods of Forum Rule Enforcement

show: Methods of Forum Rule Enforcement

Remember: Common sense prevails - if you are intentionally or continually making this community less enjoyable, you're going to be removed from it. It's that simple.

Informal / Friendly Warnings: A friendly warning is given when a user fails to follow one of the rules. The user is simply being reminded or educated about what is expected of them, or to take more time to consider what they are doing. This is not a formal warning, nor does it end up on ones disciplinary record.

Warnings: A mod may give a warning for violating any of the rules. When a warning is given, all the members in the room are required to heed the warning. Violation of the warning may result in consequences and notes being left on a users permanent record.

Vacations: Repeatedly ignoring warnings and kicks will earn a user a vacation. Vacations start at 24 hours and can quickly increase after that. Don't press your luck any further.

Permaban from Clans If a user continues to abuse their time in Clans, their privilege to use the features we all enjoy will be removed. There's no coming back from a permaban from Clans. Only will be applied by the Dept Head.
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