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C&A Forum Violation Guide, Updates & how to file a report

PostPosted: Thu Jul 17, 2008 12:21 pm
by king achilles
Mornin folks.

This thread shall serve as reminders, updates or any other news that the Cheating & Abuse department may have from time to time.

Just a heads up, especially for the new folks out there. This is the Cheating & Abuse forum where one can report a game if they see something suspicious going on or if they see any forrm of game abuse and they would like to report it.

To make report, all you need to do is click on New Topic and follow what the template is asking of you. We need all the details that you can provide to make it easier for us to understand what you are reporting about.

Once your report has been done, wait for a moderator or a hunter to look into it. Do not always expect an instant result as there are cases where it could take some time to produce a verdict. We want to cover all bases so bear with us if your report is taking more time than what you expect.

New and [pending] cases will remain in the C&A forum until a verdict has come down. Cases which have been [busted] or [cleared] will be moved out of the main forum. After 5 days of little to no substantial comments, topics in the Closed Reports forum will be locked.

This will mean that any appeals to cases (new accusations or pleas of innocence) should go through the ticketing system on the help page where an admintrator will look into the case independently of the original hunter.

Also this:
Can I let another player take a turn for me when I am away from the game?

You can, with the stipulation that the account babysitter is not your opponent in any current game. It is common courtesy to announce in game chat that another player will take your turn(s) during your absence. Babysitters should only do what is necessary to take the turn(s) and should not interact with the community, start or join new games (except for ongoing tournaments). Furthermore, you should only take another player's turn if they are in danger of missing a turn, not for the purpose of gaining a tactical advantage.

In future stages, we will be looking at dividing up secret alliances, multi accusations, general abuse etc. into separate sections for easier and clearer navigation, but the tools to do that properly aren't yet in place, so one step at a time.


In the meantime, here is also a tutorial video, courtesy by Victor Sullivan, on how to file a Cheating & Abuse report:

Re: Cheating and Abuse forum changes.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 17, 2008 1:28 pm
by Twill
Moving done,

Still have to clear up old shadow threads.

If a post was moved to Closed by accident, please use the report post function - if there is an appeal, please open a ticket on the help page.

Re: Cheating and Abuse forum changes.

PostPosted: Tue Nov 18, 2008 9:06 pm
by lancehoch
Another change in the forum. Any threads marked [No Form] for over a month will be moved to the Closed Reports forum. They will be treated as other threads are, left open for five days, then locked. During this period, if someone posts the form, the thread will be moved back to the open reports C&A forum.

Re: Cheating and Abuse forum changes.

PostPosted: Tue Apr 07, 2009 11:59 am
by lancehoch
This is not an actual forum change, but a change in policy. Please do not post in different colors the words Busted, Cleared, Blocked, Noted, Warned, or any other official term used in a ruling. It is confusing to members who do not frequent C&A when they see regular members saying that user XXXXX is Busted and the user is not actually busted.

Forum Violations

PostPosted: Thu Sep 17, 2009 11:22 pm
by king achilles
The Cheating & Abuse Forum is basically for reports of game violations and the like. This is not the forum for flaming, suggestion ideas or derailing/ making off topics posts. Troll somewhere else. Take this forum more seriously.

Common sense prevails - if you are intentionally or continually making this community less enjoyable for others, you're going to be removed from it. It's that simple. This applies to any part of the site where interaction takes place; in Forums, Private Messages, Live Chat and Game Chat.

Please re-check this set of guidelines to avoid being annoying, especially in this forum.

Off topic posts are posts which de-rail a topic either directly or indirectly, at any point.
* If the post is not about you, don't try to make it about you.
* If the main point of your post is about something other than what the OP intended, it's not on topic, even if you did post about how you agree with the OP.
* Yes, you can joke around in a thread, but keep it on the topic originally intended by the OP
* Whether or not your post is the first to take a thread off topic is irrelevant: Off topic is off topic.
* Just because everyone in the thread doesn't mind it going off topic does not mean that it's okey doky.

Spam is posting for the sole intention of being annoying.
* Double/triple/multiple posting.
* Quoting just for the sake of quoting.
o "QFE", "QFT" etc. do not qualify as "a meaningful post", add why you agree with the quote.
* Posting only, or lots of, smilies.
* Posting about yourself in a thread that is not specifically about you.
* Posts that add nothing to the current topic.
* Posting rapidly in a short time.
* Posting the same thing over and over in the same or other threads.
* Posting "parody" threads that aren't meant for an actual discussion.
* Necrobumping (bringing dead threads back to life) if no new meaningful content is being added.

Trolling is the intentional attempt to cause chaos.
* Posting controversial or irrelevant messages or topics with the intent to provoke someone else into a pissing match, emotional response, flame fest or to generally disrupt the discussion, community or user is not cool. Prompting or provoking others to do that is just as bad.
* Don't provoke others into a flame fest, this won't be tolerated.
* Don't ever post personal information of other users. Anywhere. Ever. Even if they already posted it somewhere else. This includes posting personal information about a CC user on another site, you will be held accountable here.
* Don't de-rail topics, don't spam them, don't flame them, don't bait them, don't drive a topic into a negative spiral.
* Don't flog a dead horse. If a discussion is over, it's over. Screaming louder, more or in a different place is not going to change the answer already given. If you think the answer was wrong, PM an Admin. If you think the admin is wrong, then this probably isn't the right community for you.
* If someone is trolling or baiting, don't fall for it. The best way to piss off a troll is to ignore them. They are just sad little children who don't get enough attention from their mothers and so are trying to get it from you. Ignore them and it will hurt more than any "zing" you might come back with.

There is little that is more annoying than a troll. This can get you removed from the CC community quicker than almost anything else.

Flames are posts or parts of posts which, directly or indirectly, insult, belittle, bully, name-call, or otherwise attack another user is not allowed.
* In no circumstances is bigotry allowed.
o Bigotry includes racism, sexism, ageism, homophobia, religion bashing, or wishing violence on any minority group, etc.
o Bigotry takes into account historic events, emotional baggage and generally accepted associations with a term, phrase or intent - posting "White Power" in a thread has a history and is bigoted, posting "Green Power" makes you an environmentalist.
* It doesn't matter if another user rubs you the wrong way, that's not an excuse to flame or attack them.
* Attacking a person instead of the user is NOT ok - it's all fun and games until it becomes personal.
o Using a person's real information, picture, address, blog or anything else "personal" is NOT ok.
* Yes, we are liberal on coarse language, but this does not mean cyber-bullying or abusive bigotry is acceptable anywhere. You can be removed from the community for cyber-bullying or abusive bigotry.

Flaming will get your post edited/deleted and will get you a warning from a mod. Cyber-bullying and abusive bigotry will be removed, and a mod will probably come down on you like a ton of bricks.

Flame baiting (or just baiting) is the intentional attempt to get someone else to flame.
Just because you didn't directly attack another user does not make your post a meaningful contribution. If your post's intent was to provoke another user into an emotional response, to get under their skin or to otherwise piss them off, you're baiting them. Hopefully the user doesn't take the bait, but you'll probably get a warning from a mod.

Nudity and sexual material are not allowed.
* Any images of pornographic activity or nudity - nipples, areola, genitals, anuses etc - whether intended as artistic, erotic, pornographic or otherwise are not allowed.
* This includes content posted here and links to other sites. Posting NSFW - "Not Suitable For Work" - does not make it ok for posting.
* If it is ambiguous, we'll ask you to remove it anyway, so "It's a guy's nipple" isn't going to fly. You're just trying to be annoying at that point.
* Posting a painting from the 13th century with exposed nipples to claim that we're evil dictators when we ask you to remove it is also just being annoying, and you're probably just being a troll at that point.

Pornography in chat or in the forums will frequently earn an immediate 24-hour vacation, even without a warning first.

Gambling on or through this site is not allowed.
* This is a casual gaming site, not a serious one. If you want to gamble for money or "real-world items", then you'll have to find another site.
* Wagering CC points is also not allowed.


Re: Cheating and Abuse forum changes and Forum Violation Guide.

PostPosted: Tue May 04, 2010 6:06 am
by lord voldemort
Just a change/reminder.

Please remember to title your thread with the name of the person you are accusing along with a short reason ie

Stinkyuser346 - Intentionally Deadbeating
Lackattack - multi

No more of titles. 'Im sure he is a multi'
This is not helpful and just requires us hunters and c/a mods to go through and change the titles.


Re: Cheating and Abuse forum changes and Forum Violation Gui

PostPosted: Fri Dec 30, 2011 7:36 pm
by king achilles
Multi hunters will no longer bust a multi account, directly or indirectly, when they have an ongoing public game with them, especially when they have recently joined a public game with them. If there is a public report about the suspected member, another hunter should take over the investigation.

Re: Cheating and Abuse Forum Violation Guide and Updates.

PostPosted: Wed Feb 01, 2012 11:12 pm
by king achilles
Farming Update
Due to recent reports regarding Farming, the webmaster has made an update on how we can address people who keeps on joining games with new recruits. This infraction will no longer be considered as a major infraction but a special case infraction, meaning it will have it's own ladder of disciplinary measures and these are as follows:

1st infraction - Warning
2nd infraction - 1 Month Ban from joining games with New Recruits
3rd infraction - 3 Month Ban from joining games with New Recruits
4th infraction - Permanent Ban from joining games with New Recruits

In this way, if the player is currently banned from joining games with even one new recruit in it, he will not be able to because of this disciplinary action. It's like having all New Recruits putting you on their foe list. This should give him an interesting experience and hopefully encourages him to minimize his "farming" ways if he wants to avoid this kind of sanction again.

Note that this will not prevent new recruits from joining your games. It will prevent you from joining a game where there is a new recruit.

Re: Cheating and Abuse Forum Violation Guide and Updates.

PostPosted: Wed Feb 29, 2012 6:42 pm
by king achilles
Update: Since the 24th, this NR block can now work both ways where the new recruit is also prevented from joining your created public games. Tournament and Private games are exempted from this block.

Please note that this is NOT a requestable deed.

Re: Cheating and Abuse Forum Violation Guide and Updates.

PostPosted: Wed Mar 07, 2012 9:40 pm
by king achilles
Based from past farming reports, and the complexity of the gameplay, just updating the maps which were formerly open so even new recruits can join public games in it but now they have recently been added to the list of maps being blocked from new recruits:

2010 World Cup
2011 World Cup
Peloponnesian War
Poison Rome
Texan Wars
Eastern Hemisphere
Egypt: Upper
Europe 1914
Sydney Metro
WWII Iwo Jima

Re: C&A Forum Violation Guide, Updates & how to file a repor

PostPosted: Mon Oct 27, 2014 4:32 pm
by king achilles
Except for Game chats, any Chat Infractions can be reported to the Chat Moderators.