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Found something broken on the website or in the game, that isn't a plugin enhancement issue? Let's check it out.

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Welcome to the Bugs Forum!

Postby blakebowling on Wed Dec 07, 2011 4:23 pm

Bug Reports forum

Welcome to the Bugs Forum! Here are some tips for keeping this forum clean and easy to read, which makes identifying and fixing the bugs easier for all.

In this forum, you have the ability to add attachments to your post to help in the bug description. Please visit this topic for more information on how to do that, if you are unsure.

Currently the Tech Team moderates this forum.

What is the status of my report?

You will notice topic icons in this forum. These icons help identify the status of a report, along with added information in the title of the thread.

Topic Icons

  • Image – This icon means the bug is confirmed by one of the Tech Team.
  • Image – This icon means the bug cannot be confirmed by the Tech Team and needs attention from admins.
  • Iconless bugs are pending and are in the review process by the Tech Team.

Where did my report go?

In order to keep things clean and ensure you can see what has happened to your report there is a 72 hour rule in force. So what is the 72 hour rule?

Threads may be moved to other forums. A shadow topic (a copy of the thread) will be left in Bug Reports for 72 hours then deleted.
A note at the bottom of the thread will state where the thread is going to be permanently moved to.
That means for 72 hours you will see your thread in both Bug Reports and the forum it is going to permanently be in.
The symbol identifying shadow topics is Image

If you can no longer see your thread here then the 72 hours has expired and it has moved to one of the following forums:

How can I speed up bug processing?

If you have a specific plug-in bug or map bug you should post it in the corresponding place! If you're not sure where to start, please read this checklist.

What do the bracketed tags mean in the closed report?

  • [Inactive] 7 days have passed after a request for information and no response from original poster
  • [Fixed] Resolved by site fix
  • [Closed] Resolved without the need for a site fix
  • [Not a bug] Confirmed as not a bug
  • [Duplicate] Bug is already reported in another thread

Resolved bugs are moved to Closed Reports under the 72 hour rule.

What if I think my report is still a bug?

If you think your post has been moved to Closed Reports but is still actually a bug, you will need to present a more convincing argument in Closed Reports as it is entirely possible a vague or misleading bug description could lead to a decision that it is not a site bug.

Your co-operation will ensure that site bugs can be fixed much faster so please use the system as it is designed. Thank you!
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