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List of Moderators and Their Responsibilities

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List of Moderators and Their Responsibilities

Postby blakebowling on Sat Dec 08, 2012 2:45 am

If you see something that needs to be addressed by a moderator, please use the list below to direct your question to the proper place. If this is about a post or a PM that violates site rules, click the upside down triangle. If you are in immediate physical danger, hang up and dial 911, but if you do not live in America, do not try this as all you will get is an irate operator shouting at you.

Community Team
    Special Events and promotions run under our Community Team. They keep the community entertained and having fun in between website updates.
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Media Team
    The Media Team help keep the word out! This team is charged with keeping Facebook, Twitter, Social Media, and the Dispatch healthy, active, and altogether a great resource.
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    They are responsible for helping users create maps for live play by facilitating map discussion. If you are interested in making a map, or helping out with those in production, head over to the Map Foundry part of the Forum.
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Tournament Directors
    As Tournament Directors, we each have a limited amount of time that we can provide to directing based on personal lives, running tournaments, and other responsibilities that we have. Each director has taken on tasks that they know they can commit to without over-burdening themselves.
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Clan Directors
    Your one stop shop for all things Clan-destine.
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Academy Team
    The Society of Cooks Training Academy, or SoCTA, is made up of players just like you who teach other CC players how to play Escalating and Team games. We were founded by Wacicha and Gloryordeath. The principles they established still live on in our handbook, the First Four Moves.

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    Officers of the Live Chat.
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Suggestions Team
    The volunteers on the Suggestions Team help users who have ideas on ways to improve Conquer Club. We try to keep the Suggestions Forum organized and the ideas flowing. You can contact any member of our team with questions about how to make a suggestion and how the Suggestions Forum works.
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Multi Hunters/Cheating/Abuse Team
    Those who hunt the pests called "Multis" and keeping the hunters checking the cheaters, the moderators watching the abusers and the community on topic.
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Tech Team
    Those involved with discussion and resolution of tech-related issues and development.
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Beta Team
    The users responsible for testing new features to prepare them for public use.
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Global Moderators
    They ensure that the forums are running smoothly, and are the first to review any reported posts and initiate disciplinary action against the offending user, should it be necessary. Contact them if there are any problems anywhere on our Forums.
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    They are responsible for the actual running of the site, be it coding or managing the community at large. When you have a problem on the site, they should be the last people you contact. Only after you have gone through all other avenues should you consider waking the sleeping beast of administrators.
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