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New to Mafia? Now is your chance.

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New to Mafia? Now is your chance.

Postby StorrZerg on Fri Jul 18, 2014 8:23 pm

Hey have you never played mafia don't know what it is about? No worries!
Ever have that itch to lynch a scum?
Ever had that drive to beat the odds?
So what is mafia?
Need a new way to engage with your fellow CC members?

Mafia is an educated guessing game of epic proportions. The objective of the game is to lynch or kill all mafia members before they outnumber the rest of the town. It's much like a game of poker because mafia members are also part of the town during the day and may manipulate the vote to their liking. If the mafia at any time outnumber or equal the townspeople, they win. The town's goal is to lynch all the members of the mafia.

Currently a new game is being hosted, and the participants that are wanted are new players! Looking for people who have never played, or have played only a little. If you feel really rusty, welcome to play as well!

Each person who signs up, will get a coach to help explain the game to them, and give them tips on how to play. Catching scum, evading town, no problem.


I'm happy to answer any questions here. Or if you have any concerns please let me know!
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