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Auto Tourney Descriptions

Postby alaskanassassin on Tue Feb 11, 2014 3:26 am

I was wondering if their could be clearer descriptions on who advances in these auto tourneys. It tells us how many start each round, but they don't tell you how you advance.

Also, in my opinion there should be different settings for a tiebreaker in a tourney that whoever has more wins advances. It's twice now that I've won the head to head in each round, but eventually failed to move on because even though I won head to head my opponent had a clean sweep of an earlier series and therefore still had the same amount of wins as me. Then wins the tiebreaker by winning his games faster. The problem with that is that it's all determined by who gets the small maps on random generator, not who is actually the better competitor.

What is the point of head to head if most wins over previous rounds wins? That set up favors the higher ranked. They get they easier draws and therefore have the chance of winning more in head to head matchups. What's to say had I not played their "easier" opponent in an earlier round that I also wouldn't have gotten a clean sweep, making me then having higher wins. It takes away from me pulling off an upset. Below tourney is an example. Beating a higher rank in Round 3 proved irrelevant in head to head matchup. That just seems dumb. ... y_id=10341 - Makes me not want to spend my stars when though I prove the better competitor in head to head I still fail to advance.

So at least what I'm asking is that if your not changing the layout of auto tourneys please at least make it clearer within the tourney itself on who advances so I know which ones NOT to join.
Dice stats are irrelevant. If I roll the same amount of 6's as everyone else, but my opponents role 6's at the same time, that's what matters, what's rolled opposite my dice. How about how many total guys I've won and lost while attacking?
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