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Requests For Immediate Players For Ongoing Tournaments

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Requests For Immediate Players For Ongoing Tournaments

Postby benga on Tue Aug 10, 2010 3:47 pm

Organizer Posts Only!!
"I'm in" or discussion posts will be deleted without warning

This thread will serve to gather all the tournaments that are needing immediate reserves into one place to make it easier on players to get into the play-now tournaments. Here is a copy of the procedure for this thread:
  • ORGANIZERS ONLY will make one new post in the thread requesting reserves for their tournament.
  • The post needs to include information on the # of reserves needed, the game settings, and a link to the main thread.
  • A player wishing to join a Play-Now Tournament must go to the actual tournament thread and post only in that thread if they are interested in joining. Player-posts in the stickied thread will be deleted without notification (whether the organizer gets their interest or not).
  • ONE WEEK after the organizer's post is made, it will be deleted from the thread to keep the thread from becoming cluttered. If your reserve need is filled before the one week has ended, please edit out the text of your post and it will be deleted by a Director.
  • If you still need reserves after the one week, you may make a new post.

What this thread IS:
  • An organized way to recruit reserves for currently open spots.
  • A one-stop shop for players who want to join a tournament in progress.
  • A way to get your reserves request into the database (hopefully getting them filled more quickly).

What this thread is NOT:
  • A thread for players to post "I'm in".
  • A thread for tournaments to get extra reserves for spots that are not currently open.
  • An extra thread to get people into your Open Tournament

Attention Players:
  • Although this thread is for tournaments that have immediately open spots, these spots may fill before the organizer returns to delete the request. Although you will probably get to play, this is not guaranteed.
  • Read the tournament thread BEFORE posting in order to provide any information the organizer requests (although it may not be granted since you're taking the spot of someone else).
  • Freemiums are not guaranteed play-now spots, especially if they do not have open game slots.
  • You can subscribe to this topic by clicking the "Subscribe topic" at the bottom of the page to be notified every time a new post is made in the thread.
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Postby Night Strike on Tue Aug 10, 2010 3:47 pm

Sample Post, Not An Actual Request

Point Grabbers VII

I am looking for 3 players who are interested in playing in the Point Grabbers VII tournament. The games are 1 vs 1 with flat rate spoils and chained reinforcements. If you would like to join the fun, please post in the thread linked below, or contact Optimus Prime with a PM.

Point Grabbers VII
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