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Official Event: Clan Realms at War 2.0 - Homeworld

Clan Realms at War 2.0 - Homeworld
SeriesClan Realms
Starts2018-01-28 15:00 CCT
Closes2018-05-28 23:59 CCT

Plus many other special prizes for Houses and Lords showing the highest levels of strategy, honor and creative gusto!

Civilization meets Conquer Club in an epic game of team play, strategy, diplomacy and galactic-scale shenanigans.
In Homeworld, clans travel the expanse of space to explore, battle, solve mysteries, engage in diplomacy and learn about the universe around them!

Play under pseudonyms in anonymous games against unknown competitors!

Battle, diplomacy, intrigue, secrecy and the unknown await you in... Clan Realms at War: Homeworld!
The dawn of the space age has arrived. Worlds are overpopulated and resources are in short supply. Mankind faces its greatest challenge and Realms are forced to act.

With completion of a warp system fast enough to explore the vast expanse of the galaxy in search of other habitable worlds, the Realms set forth to traverse the darkest corners of the galaxy...

The battles will become greater than ever before.

Now, the realms will be reborn.
Go here for more details or to find out about getting involved. Participants can check out their Clan Realms tab in Central Command to follow the action or access Scoreboard.

[BETA System]