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Death By Comity
A competitive clan consisting of a group of friends that work well together in games and in discussing key clan topics. All clan members have an equal part in clan issues and participate in the decision making process. DBCers watch each other's backs and hold very tightly to an All-For-One mentality. If you are interested in joining our clan, be ready to play some games with DBC members befor...
Average Score1,495.0
Score Range804-2,317
Clan War Record6/27 (22.2%)
Clan Game Record496/1276 (38.9%)
Tournament Record0/0
Tournament Score0
Details | Headquarters
Personnel: Calidrmr (Leader), LoeNY (Leader), billyg, cavill, Clang Gordon, dalliance, doc holidy, druid_cent, ephisia, FeeBee, frisket99, Handsomewhitecat, Juan_Bottom, kass23, KingBohica, lilrvrgrl, lovehammer, LYR, MaleAlphaThree, Mr.Vince, nemrehs1, Neoteny, nimajnz, packrat31306, RayK, Robbie Robb, sHo0t4u, strike wolf, WolfMist


No Medals

All Clan Wars

Id Name Clans Dates Status Score Winners
1028CL5 - QG1 - DBC vs FisoDBC VS FISO - War CompleteDBC 10 VS FISO 6 Death By ComityDetails
1026CL5 - QG1 - LEG vs DBCLEG VS DBC - War CompleteLEG 9 VS DBC 7 ++The Legion++Details
1023CL5 - QG1 - PIG vs DBCPIG VS DBC - War CompletePIG 11 VS DBC 5 The Pig RentersDetails
1019CL5 - QG1 - TOFU vs DBCTOFU VS DBC - War CompleteTOFU 14 VS DBC 2 The Odd Fellows UnionDetails
1004CL5 - Third League - DBC v FISODBC VS FISO - 2013-10-27War Complete/ Games InactiveDBC 2 VS FISO 6 FisoDetails
1003CL5 - Third League - FISO v DBCFISO VS DBC - 2013-10-27War Complete/ Games InactiveFISO 5 VS DBC 3 FisoDetails
1000CL5 - Third League - UM8 v DBCUM8 VS DBC - 2013-10-23War Complete/ Games InactiveUM8 4 VS DBC 4 The Ulti-M8's, Death By ComityDetails
999CL5 - Third League - DBC v UM8DBC VS UM8 - 2013-10-23War Complete/ Games InactiveDBC 3 VS UM8 5 The Ulti-M8'sDetails
986CL5 - Third League - DBC v VDLLDBC VS VDLL - 2013-10-14War Complete/ Games InactiveDBC 2 VS VDLL 6 de Veroveraars Der Lage LandenDetails
985CL5 - Third League - VDLL v DBCVDLL VS DBC - 2013-10-14War Complete/ Games InactiveVDLL 4 VS DBC 4 de Veroveraars Der Lage Landen, Death By ComityDetails
982CL5 - Third League - AQOH v DBCAQOH VS DBC - 2013-10-29War Complete/ Games InactiveAQOH 4 VS DBC 4 A Question of Honour, Death By ComityDetails
981CL5 - Third League - DBC v AQOHDBC VS AQOH - 2013-10-29War Complete/ Games InactiveDBC 5 VS AQOH 3 Death By ComityDetails
968CL5 - Third League - DBC v DYNDBC VS DYN - 2013-09-11War Complete/ Games InactiveDBC 1 VS DYN 7 DYNASTYDetails
967CL5 - Third League - DYN v DBCDYN VS DBC - 2013-09-11War Complete/ Games InactiveDYN 6 VS DBC 2 DYNASTYDetails
958CL5 - Third League - DBC v LOTZDBC VS LOTZ - 2013-11-01War Complete/ Games InactiveDBC 4 VS LOTZ 4 Death By Comity, Legends of the ZoneDetails
957CL5 - Third League - LOTZ v DBCLOTZ VS DBC - 2013-11-01War Complete/ Games InactiveLOTZ 3 VS DBC 5 Death By ComityDetails
952CL5 - Third League - MD v DBCMD VS DBC - 2013-10-06War Complete/ Games InactiveMD 4 VS DBC 4 Manifest Destiny, Death By ComityDetails
951CL5 - Third League - DBC v MDDBC VS MD - 2013-10-06War Complete/ Games InactiveDBC 3 VS MD 5 Manifest DestinyDetails
936CL5 - Third League - DBC v DBDBC VS DB - 2013-08-31War Complete/ Games InactiveDBC 4 VS DB 4 Death By Comity, Devil's BrigadeDetails
935CL5 - Third League - DB v DBCDB VS DBC - 2013-08-31War Complete/ Games InactiveDB 2 VS DBC 6 Death By ComityDetails
930CL5 - Third League - HH v DBCHH VS DBC - 2013-08-26War Complete/ Games InactiveHH 6 VS DBC 2 The Headless HorsemenDetails
929CL5 - Third League - DBC v HHDBC VS HH - 2013-08-26War Complete/ Games InactiveDBC 1 VS HH 7 The Headless HorsemenDetails
631Death by Comity vs Fire and Dice - Sept 2013DBC VS FAD2013-10-12 - 2013-12-21War Complete/ Games InactiveDBC 16 VS FAD 25 Fire and DiceDetails
608Riders on the Storm vs Death by Comity - Sep 2013RotS VS DBC 2013-06-28 - 2013-09-06War Complete/ Games InactiveRotS 30 VS DBC 19 Riders On The StormDetails
520Otpisani vs Death By Comity - Mar 2013OTP VS DBC 2013-01-13 - 2013-03-01War Complete/ Games InactiveOTP 33 VS DBC 10 OtpisaniDetails
504++The Legion++ vs Death By Comity - Jan 2013LEG VS DBC 2012-11-17 - 2013-01-07War Complete/ Games InactiveLEG 28 VS DBC 15 ++The Legion++Details
467The Ulti-M8's vs Death By Comity - Oct 2012UM8 VS DBC 2012-09-11 - 2012-10-30War Complete/ Games InactiveUM8 41 VS DBC 19 The Ulti-M8'sDetails
441The Headless Horsemen vs Death By Comity - Sep 2012HH VS DBC 2012-06-16 - 2012-09-09War Complete/ Games InactiveHH 30 VS DBC 15 The Headless HorsemenDetails
403Death By Comity vs Fiso - Jun 2012DBC VS FISO2012-05-04 - 2012-06-14War Complete/ Games InactiveDBC 33 VS FISO 10 Death By ComityDetails
399The New Crusade vs Death By Comity - Jun 2012TNC VS DBC 2012-04-01 - 2012-06-04War Complete/ Games InactiveTNC 78 VS DBC 32 The New CrusadeDetails
382The Ulti-M8's vs Death By Comity - Apr 2012UM8 VS DBC 2012-02-07 - 2012-04-28War Complete/ Games InactiveUM8 22 VS DBC 21 The Ulti-M8'sDetails
360Death By Comity vs Magnificent Bastards - Mar 2012DBC VS MB 2011-12-13 - 2012-03-03War Complete/ Games InactiveDBC 54 VS MB 45 Death By ComityDetails
333Les Hussards du Dragon vs Death By Comity - Jan 2012LHDD VS DBC 2011-10-26 - 2012-01-01War Complete/ Games InactiveLHDD 31 VS DBC 10 Les Hussards du DragonDetails
330The Imperial Dragoons vs Death By Comity - Dec 2011ID VS DBC 2011-10-16 - 2011-12-26War Complete/ Games InactiveID 28 VS DBC 15 The Imperial DragoonsDetails
319Always Kicking Ass vs Death By Comity - Nov 2011AKA VS DBC 2011-09-16 - 2011-11-16War Complete/ Games InactiveAKA 27 VS DBC 16 Always Kicking AssDetails
313Death By Comity vs Legends of the Zone - Nov 2011DBC VS LOTZ 2011-08-21 - 2011-11-04War Complete/ Games InactiveDBC 28 VS LOTZ 23 Death By ComityDetails
294The New Crusade vs Death By Comity - Sep 2011TNC VS DBC 2011-07-11 - 2011-09-09War Complete/ Games InactiveTNC 35 VS DBC 6 The New CrusadeDetails
287The Fantastic Four-Skins vs Death By Comity - Jul 2011TFFS VS DBC 2011-06-10 - 2011-07-22War Complete/ Games InactiveTFFS 24 VS DBC 16 The Fantastic Four-SkinsDetails
250EMPIRE vs Death By Comity - May 2011EMP VS DBC 2011-03-19 - 2011-05-22War Complete/ Games InactiveEMP 32 VS DBC 9 EMPIREDetails
226One Step Ahead vs Death By Comity - Apr 2011OSA VS DBC 2011-02-11 - 2011-04-04War Complete/ Games InactiveOSA 25 VS DBC 16 One Step AheadDetails
225Death By Comity vs The Last Warriors - Apr 2011DBC VS TLW 2011-01-31 - 2011-04-04War Complete/ Games InactiveDBC 31 VS TLW 30 Death By ComityDetails
213Risk Attackers vs Death By Comity - Feb 2011RA VS DBC 2010-12-21 - 2011-02-28War Complete/ Games InactiveRA 34 VS DBC 26 Risk AttackersDetails
207Fraternal Order of Exceptional Drinkers vs Death By Comity - Jan 2011FOED VS DBC 2010-11-09 - 2011-01-15War Complete/ Games InactiveFOED 28 VS DBC 12 Fraternal Order of Exceptional DrinkersDetails
181Grim Reapers vs Death By Comity - Jul 2010GR VS DBC - 2010-07-29War Complete/ Games NoneGR 12 VS DBC 8 Grim ReapersDetails
122A Fistful of Sixes vs Death By Comity - Mar 2010AFOS VS DBC 2009-11-10 - 2010-03-26War Complete/ Games InactiveAFOS 28 VS DBC 12 A Fistful of SixesDetails
90The Horsemen of the Apocalypse vs Death By Comity - Aug 2009THOTA VS DBC 2009-07-29 - 2009-09-10War Complete/ Games InactiveTHOTA 35 VS DBC 5 The Horsemen of the ApocalypseDetails
62Death By Comity vs Lunatics - Jul 2009DBC VS Clan 1502009-02-24 - 2009-07-03War Complete/ Games InactiveDBC 25 VS Clan 150 15 Death By ComityDetails
37Dark Defenders vs Death By Comity - Jan 2009Clan 130 VS DBC 2008-10-18 - 2008-12-31War Complete/ Games InactiveClan 130 23 VS DBC 16 Dark DefendersDetails
22Death By Comity vs The Army of Darkness - Oct 2008DBC VS Clan 163 - 2008-10-09War Complete/ Games NoneDBC 11 VS Clan 163 8 Death By ComityDetails

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