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The Pig Renters
We are a new ambitious competitive clan, adhering to the one clan policy, trying to make their mark on the clan world with.
Average Score1,813.4
Score Range840-2,672
Clan War Record13/19 (68.4%)
Clan Game Record568/1057 (53.7%)
Tournament Record0/0
Tournament Score0
Details | Headquarters | Recruitment
Personnel: alt1978 (Leader), Coconutt (Leader), Gunn217 (Leader), ukberger (Leader), Arya, Beer Baron, bobafart, cookie0117, cpm, Dibbler, eggrollonedolla, Ickyketseddie, IR1SH ACE, JCR, joe snuffy, lalalala777, MarathonMax, mr. CD, padsta, patrickaa317, rabid_rabbit, seechster, Sprinkles


No Medals

All Clan Wars

Id Name Clans Dates Status Score Winners
1109The Headless Horsemen vs The Pig Renters - March 2014HH VS PIG2014-03-06 - 2014-05-02War Complete/ Games InactiveHH 15 VS PIG 26 The Pig RentersDetails
1024CL5 - QG1 - PIG vs FisoPIG VS FISO - War CompletePIG 12 VS FISO 4 The Pig RentersDetails
1023CL5 - QG1 - PIG vs DBCPIG VS DBC - War CompletePIG 11 VS DBC 5 The Pig RentersDetails
1022CL5 - QG1 - PIG vs GRPIG VS GR - War CompletePIG 11 VS GR 5 The Pig RentersDetails
1021CL5 - QG1 - PIG vs LEGPIG VS LEG - War CompletePIG 12 VS LEG 4 The Pig RentersDetails
1016CL5 - QG1 - TOFU vs PIGTOFU VS PIG - War CompleteTOFU 12 VS PIG 4 The Odd Fellows UnionDetails
788CL5 - Premier League - AFOS v PIGAFOS VS PIG2013-10-28 - 2013-12-13War Complete/ Games InactiveAFOS 4 VS PIG 4 A Fistful of Sixes, The Pig RentersDetails
780CL5 - Premier League - PIG v FALLPIG VS FALL2013-10-19 - 2013-10-28War Complete/ Games InactivePIG 3 VS FALL 5 the FallenDetails
771CL5 - Premier League - TNC v PIGTNC VS PIG2013-10-16 - 2013-10-29War Complete/ Games InactiveTNC 3 VS PIG 5 The Pig RentersDetails
769CL5 - Premier League - PIG v KORTPIG VS S&M2013-10-07 - 2013-10-26War Complete/ Games InactivePIG 5 VS S&M 3 The Pig RentersDetails
764CL5 - Premier League - MYTH v PIGMYTH VS PIG2013-10-04 - 2013-11-12War Complete/ Games InactiveMYTH 6 VS PIG 2 MythologyDetails
760CL5 - Premier League - PIG v LOWPIG VS LOW 2013-09-19 - 2013-10-02War Complete/ Games InactivePIG 4 VS LOW 4 The Pig Renters, Legends of WarDetails
755CL5 - Premier League - PIG v OTPPIG VS OTP 2013-09-19 - 2013-10-01War Complete/ Games InactivePIG 4 VS OTP 4 Otpisani, The Pig RentersDetails
746CL5 - Premier League - WAR v PIGWAR VS PIG2013-08-31 - 2013-09-22War Complete/ Games InactiveWAR 5 VS PIG 3 Warriors At RiskDetails
744CL5 - Premier League - PIG v IAPIG VS IA2013-09-03 - 2013-09-28War Complete/ Games InactivePIG 3 VS IA 5 The Immortal AssassinsDetails
736CL5 - Premier League - FOED v PIGFOED VS PIG2013-08-21 - 2013-10-05War Complete/ Games InactiveFOED 4 VS PIG 4 Fraternal Order of Exceptional Drinkers, The Pig RentersDetails
733CL5 - Premier League - PIG v AFOSPIG VS AFOS2013-08-22 - 2013-09-07War Complete/ Games InactivePIG 6 VS AFOS 2 The Pig RentersDetails
725CL5 - Premier League - FALL v PIGFALL VS PIG2013-08-07 - 2013-10-02War Complete/ Games InactiveFALL 5 VS PIG 3 the FallenDetails
716CL5 - Premier League - PIG v TNCPIG VS TNC 2013-07-23 - 2013-08-28War Complete/ Games InactivePIG 4 VS TNC 4 The Pig Renters, The New CrusadeDetails
714CL5 - Premier League - KORT v PIGS&M VS PIG2013-07-27 - 2013-08-22War Complete/ Games InactiveS&M 6 VS PIG 2 Spanked and MilkedDetails
709CL5 - Premier League - PIG v MYTHPIG VS MYTH 2013-07-05 - 2013-08-20War Complete/ Games InactivePIG 5 VS MYTH 3 The Pig RentersDetails
705CL5 - Premier League - LOW v PIGLOW VS PIG2013-07-09 - 2013-08-26War Complete/ Games InactiveLOW 4 VS PIG 4 Legends of War, The Pig RentersDetails
700CL5 - Premier League - OTP v PIGOTP VS PIG2013-06-23 - 2013-07-19War Complete/ Games InactiveOTP 7 VS PIG 1 OtpisaniDetails
691CL5 - Premier League - PIG v WARPIG VS WAR2013-06-21 - 2013-07-17War Complete/ Games InactivePIG 5 VS WAR 3 The Pig RentersDetails
689CL5 - Premier League - IA v PIGIA VS PIG2013-06-13 - 2013-07-20War Complete/ Games InactiveIA 7 VS PIG 1 The Immortal AssassinsDetails
681CL5 - Premier League - PIG v FOEDPIG VS FOED 2013-06-16 - 2013-07-14War Complete/ Games InactivePIG 4 VS FOED 4 The Pig Renters, Fraternal Order of Exceptional DrinkersDetails
641the Fallen vs The Pig Renters - Oct 2013FALL VS PIG2013-10-13 - 2014-01-01War Complete/ Games InactiveFALL 29 VS PIG 20 the FallenDetails
620The Pig Renters vs The Fantastic Four-Skins - Aug 2013PIG VS TFFS 2013-08-15 - 2013-10-10War Complete/ Games InactivePIG 30 VS TFFS 21 The Pig RentersDetails
600Risk Attackers vs The Pig Renters - Aug 2013RA VS PIG2013-07-07 - 2013-08-25War Complete/ Games InactiveRA 24 VS PIG 17 Risk AttackersDetails
589The Pig Renters vs Memento Mori - Jul 2013PIG VS MM2013-05-22 - 2013-07-29War Complete/ Games InactivePIG 32 VS MM 29 The Pig RentersDetails
584The Pig Renters vs Fraternal Order of Exceptional Drinkers - Jul 2013PIG VS FOED 2013-05-12 - 2013-07-24War Complete/ Games InactivePIG 39 VS FOED 34 The Pig RentersDetails
547The Immortal Assassins vs The Pig Renters - May 2013IA VS PIG2013-02-13 - 2013-04-30War Complete/ Games InactiveIA 36 VS PIG 25 The Immortal AssassinsDetails
532The Pig Renters vs Risk Attackers - Mar 2013PIG VS RA 2013-01-22 - 2013-03-29War Complete/ Games InactivePIG 30 VS RA 30 The Pig RentersDetails
511The Pig Renters vs Warriors At Risk - Jan 2013PIG VS WAR2012-11-02 - 2013-01-25War Complete/ Games InactivePIG 34 VS WAR 33 The Pig RentersDetails
474The Pig Renters vs DYNASTY - Nov 2012PIG VS DYN2012-10-22 - 2012-11-12War Complete/ Games InactivePIG 37 VS DYN 23 The Pig RentersDetails
459The Pig Renters vs Fiso - Oct 2012PIG VS FISO2012-09-03 - 2012-10-05War Complete/ Games InactivePIG 46 VS FISO 14 The Pig RentersDetails
451The Pig Renters vs The Fantastic Four-Skins - Sep 2012PIG VS TFFS 2012-06-30 - 2012-09-18War Complete/ Games InactivePIG 48 VS TFFS 43 The Pig RentersDetails
406One Step Ahead vs The Pig Renters - Jun 2012OSA VS PIG2012-04-25 - 2012-06-21War Complete/ Games InactiveOSA 22 VS PIG 19 One Step AheadDetails
385The Odd Fellows Union vs The Pig Renters - May 2012TOFU VS PIG2012-02-26 - 2012-05-05War Complete/ Games InactiveTOFU 33 VS PIG 18 The Odd Fellows UnionDetails
366The Pig Renters vs de Veroveraars Der Lage Landen - Mar 2012PIG VS VDLL 2012-01-23 - 2012-03-21War Complete/ Games InactivePIG 42 VS VDLL 19 The Pig RentersDetails
299The Pig Renters vs Devil's Brigade - Sep 2011PIG VS DB 2011-06-20 - 2011-09-14War Complete/ Games InactivePIG 35 VS DB 25 The Pig RentersDetails
290The Pig Renters vs The New Crusade - Aug 2011PIG VS TNC 2011-07-06 - 2011-08-26War Complete/ Games InactivePIG 28 VS TNC 15 The Pig RentersDetails
255Grim Reapers vs The Pig Renters - May 2011GR VS PIG2011-04-16 - 2011-05-31War Complete/ Games InactiveGR 25 VS PIG 18 Grim ReapersDetails
230The Pig Renters vs Always Kicking Ass - Apr 2011PIG VS AKA2011-03-12 - 2011-04-20War Complete/ Games InactivePIG 24 VS AKA 19 The Pig RentersDetails

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