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Game Requests are the quickest way to get a game going. Submitting a Game Request does not create a game, but instead queues a request for a type of game. These queued requests appear on your Requests Tab until enough requests are queued, whereupon the game is started. Game Requests will match to both other Game Requests and existing waiting games.

With the form below you can make multiple selections for each option, which will match requests or games that involve any of those options. Selecting no values for an option is the same as selecting all - this means that you don't care what value this option has. The broader your request the more quickly your game will start Conversely, if you submit a request with a narrow set of options, such as 1 uncommonly used map, it will not likely be fulfilled quickly.

Game Requests will NOT help you:

  • Choose your opponents (though you can invite players to queue the same request from the Game requests Tab)
  • Play team games
  • Play polymorphic or speed games
  • Control certain game options not specified below such as Round Length and Initial Troops

Number of Players
Game Type
Note: Hold Ctrl or Command key to select multiple maps. Click again to deselect. [browse maps]
Warning: Maps designated as "Beta" might have unbalanced gameplay and undergo changes mid-game. Play at your own risk!
Play Order
Fog of War
Trench Warfare
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