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How To Make A Suggestion

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How To Make A Suggestion

Postby Foxglove on Fri May 30, 2014 8:15 am

Fill out the template. Whenever you click on the "New Topic" button in this forum, the text entry area is conveniently pre-populated with the following form. If you happen to delete it you can copy and paste it from here. I've included both the template and a filled out example of the template below.

*********** HERE'S THE TEMPLATE ***************

[Delete Me]

Things to remember when posting a new suggestion are that the dice are random, and that lots of analysis has been done on them both internally and public by community members. Also, please take time to search for previous similar suggestions and, if possible, to check current and archived threads before posting something "new". Delete the xxxxxxx, and substitute your text.

Any questions, contact one of the Suggestions Moderators.
[/Delete Me]

Concise description:
  • xxxxxxx

  • xxxxxxx

How this will benefit the site and/or other comments:
  • xxxxxxx

*********** HERE'S A FILLED OUT EXAMPLE ***************

Subject: Require every initial post in the Suggestions forum to follow a template

Concise description:

Require every user who wants to post a suggestion in this forum to fill out a standardized template and provide details about both the suggestion itself and the benefits it will bring to the site.

  • Include a concise description of the suggestion.
  • Include additional details and deeper specifics.
  • Describe how the implementation of the suggestion will benefit the site.

How this will benefit the site and/or other comments:
  • A standardized format will make it easier and more consistent to evaluate suggestions.
  • Requiring a list of details will help ensure that the user has given the suggestion some legitimate thought.
  • Requiring the user to describe how the suggestion will benefit the site will help ensure that users post realistic and useful ideas.
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