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Interface Modifications

Postby jackal31 on Mon Aug 18, 2014 10:49 am

First off, with all the modifications (subtle or not) going on what seems daily, I'm surprised there isnt a thread for discussion and feedback.

This week, with the latest update, I noticed the map inspect is now apart of every tab in the collection box (unless it is my imagination). I move the Action Log into the collection box and map inspect used to be exclusively apart of the Action Log and Overview. The problem faced here is it also interferes with movement on the map. I have tried different tabs to move it out of the way, and the only way is to scroll th screen all the way down to select the territories in question.

Is there a way to make the map inspect exclusive to the Action Log tab?

Also, can a mod create a thread that has updates and ongoing conversation with the modifications of interface. I think this would help the community from potentially making mistakes and also allow for constructive feedback regarding the modification process (note the Demonfork rant thread).
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