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Map Bug? Plugin/Tool Bug? -- [Click Here]

Postby AndyDufresne on Tue Jan 01, 2008 2:22 pm

So you think you've got a Map or Plugin/Tool bug? Well follow the instructions below...they're quite simple!

First, lets identify what a 'MAP BUG' is. You've got a 'MAP BUG' when:
  • You can't perform an action from a territory to another even though the map shows you can
    (I.E. Attack/Bombard/etc).
  • You aren't receiving a correct or proper bonus for a continent.
  • You notice a territory name spelled incorrectly in the picklist/on the map.
  • Something just doesn't seem to be working right.

So now what...?

    Regarding MAP BUGS
    • Step 1 -- Go to the Browse Maps (<--clicky) page.
    • Step 2 -- Click on the relevant Map Image Thumbnail. This will take you to the map image.
    • Step 3 -- Click on the [discussion link] below the map image. This will take you to the relevant Final Forge/Viewing Gallery Map Topic.
    • Step 4 -- Post in as much detail as you can what occurred in your turn/game. Provide a Game #.
    • Step 5 -- Wait for the fix to come in and get uploaded!

Think you have a 'PLUGIN/TOOL BUG'? You've got a 'PLUGIN/TOOL BUG' when:
  • You press "Begin Turn" and nothing happens.
  • If you have "Map Inspect" on and you can't get any hovers.
  • If you go to 'Tools' -> 'Error Console' -> 'Errors' and you have errors in here.
  • When the application/script has stopped functioning, all or in parts, or it just seems completely out-of-whack.

So now what...?

    Regarding PLUGIN/TOOL BUGS
    • Step 1 -- Go to the Tools & Enhancements (<--clicky) forum.
    • Step 2 -- Find the Plugin/Tool Topic that corresponds with your Plugin/Tool Name
    • Step 3 -- Make sure you have the latest updated version of the plugin/Tool.
    • Step 4 -- Test what your your previous actions again.
    • Step 5 -- If the above doesn't work, report in as much detail as you can what occurred in your turn/game. Provide a Game #, a Version # if that applies, your current settings (including map size & colour codes) and the Contents of your Error Console.
    • Step 6 -- Watch the Tool & Enhancement forum topic and wait for a helpful reply.

Thanks for reporting the bugs, as they help us and the community improve Conquer Club. :)

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