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Weird Time Values in CC API

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Weird Time Values in CC API

Postby runewake2 on Fri Dec 27, 2013 8:47 pm

There are some weird timestamps being returned from the CC API. For example if I call, I get this:

Code: Select all
<map>First Nations Americas</map>
<player state="Lost">551479</player>
<player state="Waiting">546893</player>
<player state="Waiting">458990</player>
<player state="Lost">576725</player>
<player state="Waiting">567199</player>
<player state="Lost">90678</player>
<player state="Waiting">574416</player>
<player state="Waiting">573343</player>
<player state="Waiting">228570</player>
<player state="Waiting">472988</player>
<player state="Ready">432638</player>
<player state="Waiting">462199</player>

which is fine except for the time remaining value which is... odd. This is causing some issues with my apps. 00:0-17:0-57 this shouldn't happen. Can we get this fixed?
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