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Conqueror is now Open Source [WP][API]

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Conqueror is now Open Source [WP][API]

Postby runewake2 on Wed Jul 30, 2014 9:50 pm

I'm in the middle of creating Conqueror version 5. This is the fifth major revision of Conqueror, my app for Conquer Club. It has a whole number of new features and improvements. Chief among them is the complete rewrite of my back end.

So, why does this matter? First, there are a number of major issues with Conqueror on its various platforms that have caused it to crash and stumble sometimes. This release, fixes this issue. Second, Conqueror has been completely split into two separate pieces the API and each of the individual apps. This is important because it means that each app shares a single back end and interacts with Conquer Club in the same way. Best of all, these new projects are coming to you both as apps and as source code so you can do awesome things with them.

The API's and apps for version 5 are still very much works in progress, however, you can get the current code for free any time you want. Starting right now. Here you go: All code is currently written in C#.

Here is what you can get right now:
  • Conqueror for Windows Phone: (namespace: Conqueror.WP) A work in progress version 5 for Conqueror on windows phone.
  • Conqueror API: (namespace: Conqueror.API) A work in progress version of the Conqueror back end written as a .NET portable project. This means any .NET project running on .NET 4.5 can use this to take advantage of the conquer club api. Pretty fancy. If you want to extend some feature of Conquer Club into say Word or Excel, go right ahead. If you want to write a console or graphical tool for yourself or others, that's cool too.

Anyway, just letting everyone know what I've been up to and hoping someone else can use what I've been working on as well.

A note about Android and iOS: I'm currently in the middle of investigating a solution that will enable me to use my code across every platform. Depending on how this goes, we could see Conqueror coming to iOS and Android by the end of the year. They aren't exactly my platforms of choice, but I'm looking into acquiring some devices to test on. More info on this later.
Conquer Club Mobile Apps: Conqueror for Windows Phone and Windows 8
Conqueror's going Open Source: Conqueror on CodePlex
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