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New training group forming now!

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New training group forming now!

Postby dhallmeyer on Sat Nov 02, 2013 5:53 pm

Hello people of Conquer Club! This thread is where you sign up for the SoC Training Grounds. The SoC teachers are made up of dedicated players who are both skilled at the game and willing to teach you. We will teach you 6-7 player Terminator and Standard games on the Classic Map. The settings for those game will be escalating spoils, unlimited fortification, and no fog of war. These game settings are easy to learn. The tactics you learn will be helpful for most games you play on this site. If you wish to sign up for training please follow the link below, and post "please add me"or something similar.

Students will be added based on availability of space and staff discretion. We are all volunteers who enjoy giving back to the community here; please do not waste our time if you are only after medals.

We are looking for skilled players to join our teaching staff, so you can pm me to see about teaching if you are already a skilled player.

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