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Multiple Tournaments w/ "Grand Finale"

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Multiple Tournaments w/ "Grand Finale"

Postby Lindax on Fri Nov 19, 2010 3:15 pm

Multiple Tournaments w/ Grand Finale - A Clarification

This is an explanation of the policy for awarding medals for these type of tournaments and Grand Finales. What we are talking about is basically a series of tournaments of which the winners (usually) get invited to play in a big super final, i.e., "Grand Finale". That Grand Finale is per definition not open to the public and hence do not qualify for a Tournament Achievement Medal for the winner, nor a Tournament Contribution Medal for the tournament organizer (TO).

Awarding Medals:

  • For every tournament in the series a Tournament Achievement Medal will be awarded to the winner(s).
  • For every tournament in the series a Tournament Contribution Medal will be awarded to the TO.
  • The winner of the Grand Finale can be awarded a General Achievement Medal.
  • The TO of the Grand Finale will NOT receive any medal.

The winner of the Grand Finale will receive a General Achievement Medal if:

  • The TO of the Grand Finale applied for the medal through the proper channels.
  • The tournament series leading up to the Grand Finale has to consist of at least 8 tournaments, i.e., there must be a minimum of 8 players/winners participating in the Grand Finale.*

*Note: If a player wins more than one tournament in the series, the runner(s)-up of the tournament(s) after his first win must be used to fill the Grand Finale if that is needed to reach the minimum of 8 players.

Marking the title of a Grand Finale Tournament:

When creating the topic for a Grand Finale Tournament the TO needs to indicate the fact that it is a Grand Finale with [GF] in the title, after the tournament name.

Classic Escalating Championship [GF]

Previously awarded medals:

We know that in the past Tournament Achievement Medals (for winners) and Tournament Contribution Medals (for TOs) were awarded for Grand Finale Tournaments. The fact is that those type of tournaments are difficult to track for us as Tournament Directors and the medals were awarded mistakenly. In most cases this was discovered well after the fact and we decided against taking the medals away from people.

Those precedents, however, will not be regarded a valid argument for awarding medals against the policy. We are also working on solutions to better track Grand Finale Tournaments and ways to avoid medals being awarded mistakenly.

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