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1v1 Classic Tournament is BS

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1v1 Classic Tournament is BS

Postby HOWITZERHAL on Wed Dec 25, 2013 9:29 am

Who is the BRAINIAC that setup this tournament. Never met this guy AUTO. How is it that I win my round 1 games by 5 of 9, Then win my round 2 by 4 of 7 and be eliminated?????


I was obviously mistaken to think the 'seeded by score' to mean how the winners are matched up. Not that the player with the most overall wins for the entire tournament moves on to the next round. The term Tournament with the multiple round format to me would indicate that winner of each round would move on

At least 1 player in this tournament racked up points in round 1 due to his opponent being freemium. So gained 7 points by not even playing a game. This tourney is supposed to be premium. I understand maybe the player went freemium after signing up. but damn. Based on this flawed logic, he would almost be guaranteed a spot in the finals (did not happen....but.....), so why bother. By extension anyone with a good round against a weaker opponent ends up with an advantage over all the remaining players

If this is how CC runs tournaments I will not be participating in any future tournies of this type

This is totally unacceptable.

Venting done...... As You Were

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