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Community Guidelines

Postby AndyDufresne on Sun Oct 22, 2006 9:41 pm

The Community Guidelines

Welcome to the Conquer Club community. We're not just about kicking each other's rear ends here; we also like to hug and sing and drink around a camp fire. So, we have implemented one very simple rule to keep the community happily drinking its hot cocoa:

Don't be intentionally annoying!

Common sense prevails - if you are intentionally or continually making this community less enjoyable for others, you're going to be removed from it. It's that simple. This applies to any part of the site where interaction takes place; in Forums, Private Messages, Live Chat and Game Chat.

If you understand this one prevailing rule you can probably stop reading now, or just give everything a glance-over. If you're not sure what 'common sense prevails' means, read on for the boring details. If you don't agree with this, sayonara.

Common Sense

OK, since you're still reading it can't hurt to start with the absolute basics. The Forums, Private Messages, Walls, Live Chat and Game Chat are all privileges of being a Conquer Club community member. They are not inalienable rights. Don't wait for someone to tell you to stop if you know you are violating the Guidelines. If you hang around long enough, you'll know when you are going overboard---so lets police ourselves, for everyone's sake. So if you find yourself acting a little Martian, Venusian or otherwise "un-CC" as you might say, you will find that those privileges mentioned above will be affected.

Our Relaxed Approach

Conquer Club takes a fairly relaxed/liberal approach to what is said on Conquer Club---in our Public Forums, Game Chats, and other areas where users can post their comments and thoughts. Coarse language is generally allowed, so if you find something disagreeable we encourage you to use your Foes List, as described in the Forum & Other Conquer Club Basics post below. Though we take a relaxed approach to what is said on Conquer Club, that doesn't mean that we don't have any rules about what can't be said. Check out the Forum Guidelines, Live Chat Guidelines, and Game Chat Guidelines for more specifics. If you encounter any violations, please open an Abuse Complaint in the Cheating & Abuse Forum. So, now that we've covered those basics---let's meet the Team!

People here to help - Administrators and TeamCC

There are many people at Conquer Club who are here to help your experience run smoothly. They come in three flavors: Administrators (Admins), Team Leader Volunteers, and Team Volunteers. The current list can be found here. Almost the entirety of TeamCC are members just like you who volunteer their time to make the CC community a more enjoyable place to be. They aren't "staff" and they don't have to take crap from other members just because they have a special colour in their name. If you're being annoying, even if it isn't something specifically spelled out here, expect them to let you know. If they are being annoying, then let an Admin know.

The Tools that all TeamCC Volunteers can use are: a Topic/Post Locking Feature, a Topic Merging Feature, a Topic Splitting Feature, a Topic Moving Feature, a Post Editing Feature, and a Topic/Post Deletion Feature. In addition to these, Team Leader Volunteers and Administrators have access to other various tools that make their job of disciplining users who have broken the rules easier.

  • All TeamCC members have colored names, corresponding to the department or team they volunteer their service in. Moreover, all departments or teams have a 'Team Leader,' as noted by 'badge' next to their colored username. If you have a question, concern, or issue involving a specific area, contact the Team Leader as necessary for resolution. Note: A TeamCC Volunteer may be in more than one group for various behind the scenes reason, but their colored group is their primary service group.

    • Global Moderators have darker green names. They special tools in all the forums, and are good to contact when you have a general question. They ensure that the forums are running smoothly, and are the first to review any reported posts and initiate disciplinary action against the offending user, should it be necessary. Contact them if there are any problems anywhere on our Forums.
    • Discussions Volunteers have lighter green names. They have special tools in the General Discussion, Off Topics, and Questions & Answers forums. They are excellent resources if you have general questions about the Conquer Club community, website, or game. They also help keep the peace, and keep discussion lighthearted and fun.
    • Cheating and Abuse Volunteers have lighter green names. They have special tools in several forums, but spend most of their time in Cheating & Abuse forum. They help keep this Report forum organized so that issues get handled in a timely manner.
    • Suggestions Volunteers have lighter green names. They have special tools in the Suggestions forum. They are an excellent resource if you have an idea for a suggestion, or want to discuss and give feedback on the ideas of other community members.
    • Moderators - Int'l have lighter green names. They have special tools in the International Forums. They are the ones to contact if somebody is causing trouble in the International Forums.

    • Tournament Directors have gold names. They have special tools in the Tournament forums and are available to facilitate the creation and running of public tournaments. They are here to oversee Tournament Policies and handle Tournament Privileges, but they are NOT here to run your tournament ideas for you.

    • Cartographers have blue names. They are responsible for helping users create maps for live play by facilitating map discussion. If you are interested in making a map, or helping out with those in production, head over to the Map Foundry part of the Forum.

    • Clan Directors have dark teal names. They will help you with any clan issues as well as assist in creating a new clan. They have tools in all Clan forums, and the Callouts forums.

    • Chatters have purple names. They are responsible for making sure that Live Chat is a fun and friendly environment. Contact them if you are having problems with how someone is behaving in Live Chat, or if you have difficulty getting in. They have tools in Live Chat instead of in the forums.

    • Academy Moderators have brown names. These members are the Instructors of the Training Academy Get in touch with one of them if you'd like some guidance in basic strategy, or if you'd like to volunteer your service helping others improve their strategy. They have tools in the Training Grounds forums.

    • Multi Hunters have orange names. They are responsible for catching cheaters and issuing disciplinary findings on Conquer Club, using super-secret tools. They spend most of their time in the Cheating & Abuse Reports Forum.

    • Tech Team contributors have sky blue names. They are excellent resources if you have a website issue or bug, or if you have inquiries or need assistance regarding any of Conquer Club's Tools & Enhancements. They spend most of their time in the Bug Reports forum and in all Tool & Enhancement forums.

    • Entertainment Team contributors have dark pink names. They run Special Events and keep the community entertained and having fun in between website updates.

    • Media Team contributors have bronze names. They write and assemble the Dispatch (CC's official newsletter) and post updates to our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

    • Administrators have red names. They are responsible for the actual running of the site, be it coding or managing the community at large. When you have a problem with the site, they should be the last people you contact, only after you have gone through other avenues.


Now that you know the basics, the next few posts have the guidelines for the 3 main areas of interaction:

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Forum & Other Conquer Club Basics

Postby Night Strike on Mon Dec 22, 2008 6:55 pm

Forum & Other Conquer Club Basics

The Conquer Club forum contains several different 'forums' all cunningly described in the Board Index. Each 'forum' encourages focused discussion on one of the many areas of interest here at Conquer Club. Whilst it is true to say that some boards are more focused than others, all apply, at a bare minimum, the same Posting Rules described below.

Basic posting terminology:

  • 'Posting' is the act of composing and submitting a message.
  • Posting a 'New Topic' starts a whole new discussion topic about a whole new subject and is listed separately on the list of topics shown on each forum board. The new topic button is available when viewing the list of topics in any given forum. The first post in a topic is often referred to as the 'Original Post' and the user who posted it as the 'Original Poster' - both are often abbreviated to 'OP'.
  • Posting a 'New Post' contributes to an existing discussion topic. The 'Post Reply' button is available when viewing an existing discussion topic. You may also use the 'Quick Reply' to quickly add your comments to an existing discussion topic while remaining on the same page.
  • As a discussion grows a 'Thread' of posts accumulates. The word 'thread' is often used interchangeably with 'topic'.
  • We encourage you to check the Help FAQ, Forum FAQ, and use the Search Function before starting a post to ensure that your question or discussion topic doesn't already have an answer or a thread.

Conquer Club Specific BBCode Tags:

When posting you may find it beneficial to use one of our Conquer Club Specific BBCode Tags.

  • name of user -- This can be used if you'd like to link directly to a specific user's personal Profile page.
    Code: Select all


  • [game] game# [/game] -- This can be used if you'd like to link directly to a specific game.
    Code: Select all


  • [time] year-month-day hour:minutes:seconds [/time] -- This can be used if you'd like to coordinate with a user using CC Time. Events, Celebrations, Server Maintenance, and Tournaments may also use this to coordinate time-specific happenings.

    Code: Select all
    [Time]2010-10-02 21:00:00[/Time]

    CC Time: 2010-10-02 21:00:00

  • [bigimg] url [/bigimg] -- This should be used when posting very large images that may extend too far in height and width for normal viewing. If in doubt, use [bigimg] instead of the regular [img] tag.

Upload Attachments to the Forum

On select forums and sub-forums on Conquer Club you may have the ability to 'Upload Attachments' when you are creating a new topic or posting a reply post. To see if the forum you are browsing has the ability, simply create a topic or reply to an existing topic, and look for an 'Upload Attachments' tab next to the 'Options' tab below the posting window (I.E. below [Preview] [Submit] buttons).

For a Technical Walkthrough on Attachments please visit this forum topic.

Private Messaging

Frequently you might find yourself wishing to communicate with just one or a few members at a time rather than posting for the whole forum community to read. In this instance, open your Inbox and click New PM. That screen is just like a public post, but only the people you wish to send it to will actually receive it.

For more specific and complicated uses of private messaging, please visit the Powers of the Inbox: How-To thread.

Much like the Game Chat, private messages are not actively moderated. It's up to you to block individuals who annoy you via PM, but in severe cases such as excessive spamming, flaming, or trolling, you can flag and report any offending Private Messages by clicking on the exclamation icon in the upper right of the message. You can also open a report about the issue in the Cheating & Abuse Forum.
  • Note 1: Never delete PMs that you have flagged for a Cheating/Abuse Report, until the case has been officially closed.
  • Note 2: If you receive a request for a game alliance via PM, please open a report in the Cheating & Abuse Forum. Secret Diplomacy violates Rule #2.

Wall Posting

Like other methods of communication, Wall Posting falls somewhere between Private Messaging and posting the Public Forums. Every user has their own wall on their profile, and anyone can post comments to it. Walls are publicly visible, but only if users navigate to the profile where the messages are posted. The Wall is an excellent communication choice if you have a quick message for someone, but are disinclined to open up a brand-new Private Message.

Like Private Messaging and Game Chats, Walls are not actively moderated. However, you have complete control over your own wall. If you don't like a comment posted on your wall you can just delete it from public view. You can also block someone from commenting on your wall by making them a Foe. As usual, if any issues arise you can open a report about the issue in the Cheating & Abuse Forum and it will be investigated.

Friends & Foes

Friend and Foe lists are standard on a wide variety of forums---and Conquer Club retains most of the standard functionality. You can use these lists to organize other members of Conquer Club. Members added to your Friends List will be listed within your User Control Panel for quick access to see their online status and to send them private messages.

If you add a user to your Foes List, any posts they make will be hidden by default. What is unique to Conquer Club, however, is that if you add any users to your Foes List, the Foes List will also block said users from joining any games that you are in. The Foes List will also hide game chat posts by Foed users if you added them to the Foes List mid-game.
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Forum Guidelines

Postby Night Strike on Mon Dec 22, 2008 6:56 pm

Forum Guidelines

Posting in the forum is a privilege, not a right. If you want to continue to keep this privilege, play by the rules.

The following list is a set of guidelines to avoid being annoying. It is not 100% comprehensive, but please read this carefully to ensure you don't accidentally breach the guidelines:

Trolling is the intentional attempt to cause chaos.
show: Trolling Specifics

Flames are posts or parts of posts which, directly or indirectly, insult, belittle, bully, name-call, or otherwise attack another user, and are not allowed.
show: Flaming Specifics

Bigoted comments will not be tolerated---lets all tolerate and live peacefully with one another.
show: Bigotry Specifics

Spam is posting for the sole intention of being annoying.
There are a million ways you shouldn't be annoying, but ones worth mentioning:

show: Spamming Specifics

Off topic posts are posts which de-rail a topic either directly or indirectly, at any point.
show: Off Topic Specifics

Nudity and Pornography are not allowed.
show: Nudity and Pornography Specifics

Gambling on or through this site is not allowed.
show: Gambling Specifics

Posting Etiquette

To avoid annoying the rest of the community, follow these 3 basic steps:

    1. Ask yourself if your post is actually contributing to the topic, or is it off topic or just plain spam? If it's not contributing, find somewhere else to post.
    2. Ask yourself if you are flaming, baiting, feeding a troll or taking the bait. If you are, then don't.
    3. Re-ask the above two questions

There are also some CC specific issues that you need to keep in mind for proper posting.

Un-noted Automatic Join Game Links

  • If you post an Automatic Join Game Link, you must note that it is so to warn other users who may click on the link before the game is filled.

Foreign Language Forums are for language groups to discuss CC in their native language.

  • Language forums are not places to practice your skills with Google translate nor are they for national groups, they are for language groups. If you have problems in them, PM an International Mod or a Global Mod.

Posts that nobody can read are annoying.

  • Signature images larger than 150 pixels high by 600 pixels wide just scream “I am compensating for something” and should be reduced in size. Note the dimensions size restriction is only in reference to the image. You may also have 2 additional levels of text / spoilers. In the spoiler below are some examples of acceptable signature configurations

show: Acceptable Signature Configurations

  • |337 5p33k (0r d00d 5p34k) 15 h4rd 70 r34d 4nd m4k35 y0u |00k |1k3 4 ch1|d 57uck 1n 7h3 80'5 4nd n07 47 4|| |337.
    Translation: Leet-speak just sucks, and we all know it, and you don't want to suck too, now do you?
  • The only thing more stupid than TYPING IN ALL CAPS is


Rules, precedents and customs from other communities don't apply.

  • Neither do the By-Laws from the Podunk 3rd district. Believe it or not, Conquer Club is a private business. Just because something works one way in another community does not mean that is how it will work here. We're usually less strict and you can get away with a lot, but that doesn't mean that you can pull the "This is how it works everywhere else" card and expect to get away with it. Really. This is not "everywhere else."
  • In the same vein, just because you are here, does not mean you MUST be here. This is a business and CC does reserve the right to promote or discourage any kind of behavior it sees fit. Claiming your first amendment right to free speech to post about the colour of your poop last night will not fly. If a mod or admin specifically say you shouldn't be doing something, regardless of if it's specifically spelled out in the rules, or if you think that they are stupid, it still means don't do it. If you don't like the rules here, will help you find somewhere more appropriate.

Be nice or leave

It's fine if you don't like this site or the way it is run...find another one with better rules, start another one and make your own rules, abuse another one and try to get them to change their rules, but don't complain about the rules here. :D
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Forum & General Rule Enforcement

Postby Night Strike on Mon Dec 22, 2008 6:57 pm

Forum & General Rule Enforcement

For users who break the above Guidelines, as they say, "there will be consequences and repercussions." The Mods and Admins will always take into account when past infractions occurred, and the severity of the current infraction and any past infractions, in addition to the intent of the infractions.

Methods of Forum Rule Enforcement

show: Methods of Forum Rule Enforcement

Rule Enforcement Specifics

There are essentially Two Main Levels of Infraction in Conquer Club: Minor and Major/Severe.

  • Minor Infractions are those that are more annoying than hurtful with intent. This includes but is not limited to: Spamming, Off Topicing, Common Flaming, Common Trolling, Necro-bumping, Avatar Abuse, Chat/Forum Newbie Abuse, International Forum Abuse, Repeatedly Posting for Vacationed Users,"Report a Post" Abuse, "Cheating and Abuse Report" Abuse, Repeated Unwanted Solicitation of a user via PM/Walls/Gamechat), Pornographic Material, etc.

      Minor Infractions follow the traditional vacation escalation scale of:
      1. Warning,
      2. 24 Hour Vacation,
      3. 72 Hour Vacation,
      4. One Week Vacation,
      5. One Month Vacation,
      6. 3 Month Vacation , with repeated 3 Month Vacations as necessary upon a Minor Infraction upon release from the max vacation.
      Say a Minor Infraction of Spamming leads to a user's first Minor Warning. If they are subsequently found in violation with any Minor Infraction at a later date, be it Necro-bumping, Avatar Abuse, "Cheating and Abuse Report" Abuse, etc, the next level will be up the scale, even if the first Warning was not associated with the second infraction.


  • Major/Severe Infractions are those that are more than just annoying, but are intentionally hurtful to a user, group of users, or the community in general. This includes but is not limited to: Cyber-bullying/Harassment, Bigotry, Personal Information Abuse, Account Sitting Abuse, Intentional Deadbeating or Game Throwing, Repeatedly Holding Players Hostage, Serial Teammate Killing, Hijacking Accounts, Gambling, and **Illegal Point Collecting,** etc.

        Major/Severe Infractions follow a shortened vacation escalation scale of:
      1. Warning,
      2. One Month Vacation,
      3. Permanent Vacation.
        **Note 1: Due to the nature of Illegal Point Collecting, your account may receive a Score Reset back to 1000 points if you are deemed to have benefited from illegal point gain.**

      Say a Major Infraction of Cyber-Bullying/Harassment leads to a user's first Major/Severe Warning. If they are found in violation with any Major/Severe Infraction, be Hijacking Accounts, Bigotry, Serial Teammate Killing, etc, the next level will be up the scale, even if the first Warning was not associated with the second infraction.


    If an account ever reaches multiple and numerous 3 Month Forum Vacations or a Permanent Live Chat Vacations, should they engage in any future Major/Severe Infractions, the account may be bumped up to a Permanent Website Vacation.


  • Special Case Infractions
      Special Case Infractions are simply those Infractions that do not fit nicely into either of the above categories, and do not usually fit the standard disciplinary scales for Minor or Major Disciplinary Action. Special Case Infractions often have their own unique disciplinary scale tailored specifically for the Infraction. This includes, but is not limited to:

      • Point Dumping
          If you are found guilty of Point Dumping, that is, the intentional losing of games via any means, with the intention of causing chaos in the form of griefing, passing points to other people, or manually "resetting" points to a lower score.

          Note: Because of the nature of Point Dumping, your account will be suspended upon discovery, and will remain suspended to protect the account and the website during the investigation. The Investigative Suspension is not factored into Disciplinary Time Served.

            Point Dumping Infraction disciplinary levels are as follows:
            1. 1 Month Website Vacation
            2. Permanent Website Vacation
              Note: Users retain the right to rebuttal via E-tickets as with any Infraction.


      • Secret Diplomacy
          If you are found guilty of Secret Diplomacy, you will be blocked from playing with the other guilty parties for a duration of time, and will also face an escalation of Website Vacations if you continue to be found guilty of Secret Diplomacy.

            Secret Diplomacy Infraction disciplinary levels are as follows:
            1. Block and Warning,
            2. Block and 1 Week Website Vacation,
            3. Block and 1 Month Website Vacation,
            4. Block and Account Inactivation.


      • Ratings Abuse
          If you are found guilty of Ratings Abuse---that is, rating your opponents unjustifiably, haphazardly, or systematically in a destructive or inappropriate manner (such as repeatedly giving out inaccurate ratings without evidence to justify your ratings), you will find yourself escalating on Ratings Vacation scale.

            Ratings Abuse Infraction levels are as follows:
            1. Warning
            2. 1 Month Ratings Vacation / Block
            3. Permanent Ratings Vacation / Block


      • Systematically Farming "New Recruits"
          If you are found guilty of New Recruit Farming---that is, systematically joining games with New Recruits. Systematically Farming "New Recruits" may also systematically creating unappealing games that more savvy users avoid because of unpopular or niche game settings, thus luring New Recruits into stumbling into said games. Either of these practices are done in order to "farm" newbies for points, and if you find yourself doing one or both of these practices, you will find yourself escalating on the New Recruit Farming Vacation scale.

            Systematically Farming New Recruits Infraction levels are as follows:
            1. Warning
            2. 1 Month Vacation / Block from joining games with New Recruits and from Creating games which New Recruits can join.
            3. 3 Month Vacation / Block from joining games with New Recruits and from Creating games which New Recruits can join.
            4. Permanent Vacation / Block from joining games with New Recruits and from Creating games which New Recruits can join.

Remember: Common sense prevails - if you are intentionally or continually making this community less enjoyable, you're going to be removed from it. It's that simple.
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Live Chat Guidelines

Postby AndyDufresne on Thu Nov 11, 2010 4:24 pm

Live Chat Guidelines

Many of us here at Conquer Club enjoy the site so much that we often find ourselves looking for something to do between turns in our games, the start of the next round of speed games with our buddies, or while we wait for a witty response to something we posted in the forums. As a result, sooner or later you are bound to wander into Live Chat looking to shoot the breeze for a few minutes or several hours.

Although Live Chat is a happening place, and you can find a plethora of interesting things inside, let's take a moment to review a few guidelines about the type of behavior expected from an upstanding CC member.

Let's go over some rules.

First and foremost, the rules of Live Chat start with the current Forum Guidelines previously established for the intent of keeping things under control in the forums. However, for the sake of being thorough, and because Live Chat is a world of its own, let's take a look at a few specific things a little more closely:

    Bigotry: Not tolerated at all; no forms of bigotry allowed in live chat or the forums.

    Spam: Not tolerated in any form whether smilies, text, or characters.

    Flaming: Will not be tolerated.

    Links: Any links in live chat must follow the site guidelines. Links that force a user to automatically join a game are not allowed. In addition, links to sites containing nudity or pornography are NOT allowed. All users are responsible for any and all material on a link. Ignorance is not an excuse, so post links with great caution as any posted links are treated on a case by case basis as far as the discipline ladder is concerned.

    Personal Information: Any personal information or photos of any member is to be regarded as private and should never be posted except by the member it belongs to (although we would advise against posting your personal info).

    Sexual Conversations: Sexual innuendo and light conversations can be entertaining, but do not take it very far. Minors do use this site, so please refrain from sexually explicit material.

    Social Tab will contain conversations and no requests for games.

    Callouts Tab will contain requests for games and teammates for games only. These can be real-time, speed, or tournament games. No social conversations in the callouts window.

    Help Tab will be a place where players can ask questions and get answers on topics related to Conquer Club. Participants are expected to give helpful, correct answers and will be removed if they do not follow this rule.

    During certain official contests, an additional tab may appear between Social and Callouts. This tab is moderated and you need to obey moderator instructions as to the proper use of that tab.

    English is the preferred language of Live Chat, although not the only language. If it becomes difficult for other users to carry on conversations due to a foreign language being used, you may be asked to take it to a private chat. This is at the discretion of the moderator and should be followed like any other moderator request.

    o Note: This is not an exhaustive list of Chat Rules. Please remember the general community guideline to not be annoying.

Moderating Techniques

Chatters (or chat mods) are the ones who are in charge of keeping the public chat rooms fun for all the users. They are volunteers and members of the site first, but if you have a question or concern, please ask one of them.

    o Because of the dynamic and always-going nature of chat, all rules and guidelines are interpreted according to the situation solely at the Moderator's discretion. Moderator directions and/or decisions made are to be followed without question. If a user has a problem with the direction or decision that the moderator made, the user is not to disrupt the room in complaint but to address the moderator directly through private messaging. If you feel the situation was not resolved sufficiently, you may forward the problem to the Head Chatter or any of the Admin. Be sure to include logs of the attempted resolution (screenshots are preferred as they are better evidence of the chat history).
    o Chatters are expected to adhere to the rules and their own warnings in an interest of fairness. If you feel that a Chatter is abusing their position, please inform the Head Chatter or an Admin; don't try to cause a riot over it in the public rooms.

Warnings: A chat mod may give a warning for violating any of those rules. When a warning is given, all the members in the room are required to heed the warning.

Kicks: A kick is given when a user fails to follow a moderator's warning. The user is removed from the room for a short time, and the kick is recorded by the moderator. A kick is equivalent to a Formal Warning in the forums.

Vacations: Repeatedly ignoring warnings and kicks will earn a user a vacation. Vacations start at 24 hours and can quickly increase after that. Don't press your luck any further.

Permaban: If a user continues to abuse their time in Live Chat, their privilege to use the feature will be removed. There's no coming back from a permaban.

Useful Information

Please see this post for a guide to useful chat commands.
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Game Chat Guidelines

Postby AndyDufresne on Thu Nov 11, 2010 4:26 pm

Game Chat Guidelines

The CC Game Chat is where most site members interact with each other. Players typically use the game chat to:

  • Wish other players good luck
  • Announce any alliances
  • Discuss strategy with your teammates
  • Post who you are if you are account-sitting
  • Talk about whatever interests you

If you are new to the site, there are some basic instructions to using the Game Chat.

Singles Games:
  • You can type a comment in the Message box and it will be seen by anybody in the game.
  • If you would like to make a comment of strategy to yourself, just check the "Note to Self" box.

Team Games:
  • Your messages can be hidden to keep your comments between you and your teammate(s) to communicate your strategy privately, and they are not shared publicly after the game has ended. Make sure the box is checked to keep the chat private.
  • To post a message so all players can read it, uncheck the "Show this message to teammates only" box.

  • Rule #2 on the site states that all diplomatic discussions MUST take place within the Game Chat in English or a language all players can understand. This includes proposing alliances and discussing the strategies of those alliances. Keep this in mind because players who violate it may find themselves Blocked from playing with each other.

  • Players are allowed to account-sit for others as long as they are not opponents within the game. When sitting for a player, it is common courtesy to post who you are and how long you will be sitting for the player so that other players in the game are aware of who they are actually playing.
  • Being on another player's account for ANY reasons other than taking turns when they are in danger of missing a turn, or posting to necessary Tournament or Clan related public forum topics, is not allowed. Abuse of this privilege can be considered account sharing and could result in a Bust for both accounts.

Fog of War Games:
  • Using the game chat to announce where a player's territories and troops may (or may not ;) ) be is NOT against the rules. It may come across as unfair or not in the spirit of the game, but feel free to find strategic applications of this non-rule.

Annoying Players:
  • Sometimes you will find yourself in a game with an annoying player. If you do not like their comments in the chat or their playing style, you can add that player to your foe list. Once on the list, you will no longer have to read their comments, and they will not be able to join future games with you if you joined the game first. To modify your Foe (and Friends) List, check out the Friends and Foe Page.
  • If a player's comments do not violate the rules posted below, then do not ask a moderator or administrator to intervene when a player annoys you. This includes curse words and foul language. They are allowed on this site and would be too difficult to moderate every one.
  • After you are eliminated or the game ends, you will have the opportunity to rate your opponent. Use the ratings and up to 4 tags to describe your opponent and warn/encourage future participants.

Chats of Games you are not in
  • It is typically advised to not post in the chats of games you are not playing. If you do wish to post in another player's game, please keep your comments limited to a Good Luck comment or a quick question. Spamming or trolling other player's games is not allowed.
    • Note: When writing a message in a game that you are not playing, the "Note to Self" button does not keep the message private.

As mentioned earlier Conquer Club takes a fairly liberal approach to what is said in Game Chats, but there are some deeds that should be dealt with by a moderator. If you encounter any of these violations, please open an Abuse Complaint in the Cheating & Abuse Forum.

  • Repeatedly posting the same or nonsense comments in the chat, especially if the person is not playing in the game.
  • Posting comments that violate the Spamming and Trolling rules from the Forum Guidelines.

  • Banter and some trash talking IS allowed in the Game Chats, provided it doesn't cross some specific lines.
  • While you might find some game chat disagreeable, uncouth, and boorish, cursing and using foul language may not be a breach of our Guidelines. Try kindly asking them to stop or ignoring them using your Foes List.
  • That said, what is not allowed is any form of bigotry, cyber-bullying/harassment or those extremes outlined in the Forum Guidelines. Please report any such comments that you find offensive.

Rule Enforcement
  • Breaking the Game Chat rules will typically earn you a warning for your first offense.
  • Continually disregarding the rules will earn some time away ranging from short vacations to permanent bans depending on the nature and number of the violations.

Above all, Conquer Club is a casual gaming site for world domination. Use the game chat to strategically annihilate your opponents or to enjoy a casual conversation over a virtual cup of coffee (or tea).
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