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Angels of Death
We are a large online gaming clan / community that thrives on helping each other in both games and forums and dominating the games we are active in. Please note - we do not allow membership of any other clans though usergroups are fine. http://www.conquerclub.com/forum/download/file.php?avatar=70376_1248141809.jpg
Average Score1,925.1
Score Range907-3,578
Clan War Record12/20 (60.0%)
Clan Game Record386/793 (48.7%)
Tournament Record0/0
Tournament Score0
Details | Headquarters
Personnel: AgentSmith88 (Leader), cc_tester_5 (Leader), Gold Knight (Leader), amirberner, Boss_oss_ss, CaronylKluster, DarkSheet, david ellen, dustin800, falcon85, friendly1, Ginger Dragon, j-rafa, Jarlaxle39, jghost7, kennys777, kgbpizza, killerchris10, king sam, KingConan, laughingcavalier, Letum_, murphy16, paws1610, Raybaer, stollmike, The Mantis, Thrak, Treslie, XxKrislexX


No Medals

All Clan Wars

Id Name Clans Dates Status Score Winners
374The Fantastic Four-Skins vs Angels of Death - Apr 2012TFFS VS AoD2012-02-27 - 2012-04-11War Complete/ Games InactiveTFFS 28 VS AoD 17 The Fantastic Four-SkinsDetails
340Angels of Death vs Generation One: The Clan - Jan 2012AoD VS G12011-12-14 - 2012-01-11War Complete/ Games InactiveAoD 24 VS G1 21 Angels of DeathDetails
298++The Legion++ vs Angels of Death - Sep 2011LEG VS AoD2011-06-18 - 2011-09-17War Complete/ Games InactiveLEG 38 VS AoD 23 ++The Legion++Details
220Fraternal Order of Exceptional Drinkers vs Angels of Death - Mar 2011FOED VS AoD2011-01-22 - 2011-03-18War Complete/ Games InactiveFOED 29 VS AoD 14 Fraternal Order of Exceptional DrinkersDetails
193Devil's Brigade vs Angels of Death - Oct 2010DB VS AoD2010-09-14 - 2010-10-31War Complete/ Games InactiveDB 21 VS AoD 20 Devil's BrigadeDetails
174Angels of Death vs Outlaws & Highwaymen - Jul 2010AoD VS Clan 155 - 2010-07-01War Complete/ Games NoneAoD 20 VS Clan 155 10 Angels of DeathDetails
129The Odd Fellows Union vs Angels of Death - Apr 2010TOFU VS AoD2010-02-19 - 2010-05-23War Complete/ Games InactiveTOFU 42 VS AoD 18 The Odd Fellows UnionDetails
115Angels of Death vs Black Sheep Squadron - Feb 2010AoD VS Clan 1262009-09-19 - 2010-02-28War Complete/ Games InactiveAoD 63 VS Clan 126 57 Angels of DeathDetails
81Angels of Death vs The Brethren of the Fat Mermaid - Jul 2009AoD VS Clan 1642009-05-10 - 2009-07-23War Complete/ Games InactiveAoD 25 VS Clan 164 15 Angels of DeathDetails
56Angels of Death vs Imperial Britain - May 2009AoD VS Clan 1442009-03-23 - 2009-05-18War Complete/ Games InactiveAoD 22 VS Clan 144 18 Angels of DeathDetails
52Angels of Death vs Sky Force - Apr 2009AoD VS Clan 1602009-02-04 - 2009-04-16War Complete/ Games InactiveAoD 23 VS Clan 160 22 Angels of DeathDetails
30Angels of Death vs The Last Warriors - Dec 2008AoD VS TLW - 2008-12-06War Complete/ Games NoneAoD 14 VS TLW 6 Angels of DeathDetails
29The Immortal Assassins vs Angels of Death - Dec 2008IA VS AoD - 2008-12-04War Complete/ Games NoneIA 11 VS AoD 9 The Immortal AssassinsDetails
28Angels of Death vs Grey Company - Nov 2008AoD VS Clan 141 - 2008-11-21War Complete/ Games NoneAoD 12 VS Clan 141 2 Angels of DeathDetails
24Angels of Death vs Warlords of the Wort - Oct 2008AoD VS Clan 173 - 2008-10-22War Complete/ Games NoneAoD 13 VS Clan 173 11 Angels of DeathDetails
23The Imperial Dragoons vs Angels of Death - Oct 2008ID VS AoD2008-10-06 - 2008-11-13War Complete/ Games InactiveID 37 VS AoD 22 The Imperial DragoonsDetails
15Generation One: The Clan vs Angels of Death - Aug 2008G1 VS AoD2008-05-02 - 2008-08-11War Complete/ Games InactiveG1 23 VS AoD 22 Generation OneDetails
8Angels of Death vs Mythology - Feb 2008AoD VS MYTH - 2008-02-26War Complete/ Games NoneAoD 6 VS MYTH 3 Angels of DeathDetails
6Angels of Death vs Bounty Hunters - Sep 2007AoD VS Clan 127 - 2007-09-20War Complete/ Games NoneAoD 13 VS Clan 127 9 Angels of DeathDetails
2Angels of Death vs Jesus Freaks - Aug 2007AoD VS Clan 145 - 2007-08-05War Complete/ Games NoneAoD 6 VS Clan 145 4 Angels of DeathDetails

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