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NEW RANKS Sugestions. [Poll Added]

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Do you agree with the concept of 3 different Military Paths, each with its own rank?

Yes, although I think the old path should still be an option (4-Path)
Yes, I agree fully with qwert's proposed 3-Path System
Yes, I want new ranks, but not the 3-Path System
Yes, I like the new ranks but not the graphics
No, the ranks are fine as they are
Total votes : 270

Re: NEW RANKS Sugestions. [Poll Added]

Postby Fewnix on Mon Feb 24, 2014 2:26 am

Fire away, BigWham and team

p.s. Have I told you lately I love you :-s :-s :-s

appreciate all that you have done, are doing and will do.
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Sergeant Fewnix
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Re: NEW RANKS Sugestions. [Poll Added]

Postby lykoz on Tue Sep 23, 2014 11:43 pm

I voted for ranks to stay as they are... However I agree with some change... I just didn't like the options I had to chose from.... Each one forced me to agree on things I didnt like...

The main reason for ranks other than self satisfaction, is to be able to quickly discern the level of the player I am playing against. This often has huge implications with regards to his play style.

For example a 1 striper is often hotheaded quick to anger and suicide on you... I would approach him differently to someone who is for example a Major...

So I like the idea of CC copying real army ranks... I like the idea of a few more ranks in smaller point deviations...

What I dont like is the authentic Army rank decals/images -> why? because they are hard to recognise and distinguish.... The images proposed simply are not good.

Also this 4 different path Ranking is no good to me... Why? because hard to discern and interpret the correct ranking...
I wouldn't mind if you could chose between army, Navy, etc.. for written rank - i,e, are you major colonel etc.... But the actual image or .gif pic should be standardised for all ranks streams/paths... Maybe Just a different colour...

If you changed the IMAGES (To something easier to distinguish between high-low rank) and kept them STANDARDISED across ALL NEW RANK STREAMS i could support this proposal...
But as it stands It would only make my life harder in understanding and knowing the rank of each player.
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