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Re: Game Sitting Feature

Postby Leehar on Thu Jul 17, 2014 4:11 pm

To clarify some misconceptions.
There was a sitting feature developed released to beta as outlined in the OP, based on suggestions over the years, and admin's own judgements, as something they felt was easily feasible.
It was scrapped due to objections raised by myself and others. At the same time, admins felt it wasn't worth the time-benefit to try and meet the demands of the clan community specifically.
Thus, my trying to resurrect the idea to persuade admin to tweak what has already been developed (eg allow sitting for freemies/emergency sitting/long-term vacation/sitting immediately if long-term etc) based on meeting the goals of the clan community as where the most vehement objections arose.

However, if this is not possible without the complete overhaul of the framework, then we'll most likely need to remain with the status-quo.

I unfortunately don't have the ability to rubber-stamp Cat's idea, so that would most likely need to go through the Suggestions process once more.
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Re: Game Sitting Feature

Postby catnipdreams on Thu Jul 17, 2014 7:37 pm

Leehar wrote:I unfortunately don't have the ability to rubber-stamp Cat's idea, so that would most likely need to go through the Suggestions process once more.

I am not familiar with the suggestions process, but you are welcome to take my idea through whatever process is needed. It could even be simpler - just enable sitter passwords, but don't limit the access to the inbox, private forums, posting, and so on - simply associate a password with a person, and then whatever they do has their identity associated with it. Or even simpler - one sitter password, with "sitter" associated with it. Whatever would make the most sense, resource-wise. So in summary:

Super Basic option: each account has a "sitter" password option associated with it. That password can be given out to anyone the account owner wishes to give it out to. When anyone logs into the account using the sitter password, all actions that are done (PMs, posts, game chat, turns, etc) are identified as being done by a "generic" sitter. The sitter then has to voluntarily state his/her real identity, just like we do now, but for sure, everyone will know that the action performed was by a sitter, not by the account owner, even if we don't know who the sitter is.

Basic option a: super basic function, plus when the account is accessed via the sitter password, only certain actions are allowed, perhaps only taking turns.

Basic option b: super basic function, except that each sitter has a unique sitter password, and is automatically identified when doing any action. I'd like to see this implemented in a way that does not limit the number of sitters - perhaps modify the friends list, with an extra field, for a sitter password. Then all friends are potential sitters, and making a friend a sitter is as simple as, say, checking a box beside their name, and adding a unique password beside their name.

Ideal implementation: all four functions described previously combined: as many sitters as a player wants to have, each with a unique password, automatically identified as a specific sitter, and with limited account access (only MyGames tab?)
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