Conquer Club

The Game



Conquer Club members are initially given a score of 1000. At the end of each game, the winner takes points away from each loser. The points to be awarded is calculated as (loser's score / winner's score) * 20, up to a maximum of 100 points from each opponent.


Icon (Free and Premium) Description Minimum Experience Minimum Score
New Recruit New Recruit New Recruit N/A N/A
Cook Cook Cook 5 finished games 1
Cadet Cadet Cadet 5 finished games 800
Private Private Private 5 finished games 900
Private 1st Class Private 1st Class Private 1st Class 5 finished games 1000
Corporal Corporal Corporal 10 finished games 1100
Corporal 1st Class Corporal 1st Class Corporal 1st Class 10 finished games 1200
Sergeant Sergeant Sergeant 20 finished games 1300
Sergeant 1st Class Sergeant 1st Class Sergeant 1st Class 20 finished games 1400
Lieutenant Lieutenant Lieutenant 40 finished games 1600
Captain Captain Captain 60 finished games 1800
Major Major Major 80 finished games 2000
Colonel Colonel Colonel 100 finished games 2500
Brigadier Brigadier Brigadier 150 finished games 3000
General General General 200 finished games 3500
Field Marshal Field Marshal Field Marshal 250 finished games 4500

New Recruit New Recruits must earn a promotion to join Assassin games, Terminator games, team games, large games (6 or more players), Trench Warfare games and games on complex maps (they will be hidden from Join A Game and Game Finder listings). These restrictions do not apply to private games.

A special Conqueror Conqueror rank is assigned to the Conquer Club member with the highest score (updated once per hour).

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