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General Gameplay Notes

Player Colors

Players in a game get a color depending on their play order position as follows:

Player 1: Red
Player 2: Green
Player 3: Blue
Player 4: Yellow
Player 5: Pink
Player 6: Cyan
Player 7: Orange
Player 8: Silver
Player 9: Violet
Player 10: Electric Green
Player 11: Auburn
Player 12: Drab

In larger games, player colors are issued randomly after Player 12. Neutral armies are shown in white.

Missing a turn

In casual games you have 24 hours to take your turn before the game moves on. You must also finish your turn within 1 hour of starting it. In speed games you have from 5 minutes to 1 minute to take and complete your turn. Either limit can cut you off in the middle of play, so keep an eye on the countdown!

If you run out of time you will lose any troops that have not been deployed and any spoils that have not been awarded.

If you miss a turn, you'll be compensated with deferred troops equal to the normal amount of troops received on the next turn that you do take (or double if you missed 2 consecutive turns). Deferred troops must be deployed in one shot after the assault phase.

You are automatically kicked out from the game as a deadbeat if you miss 3 consecutive turns.

Playing Spoils

You cannot accumulate more than 5 spoils, therefore there may be a mid-turn opportunity to play sets of spoils after eliminating an opponent.


Clicking Auto-Assault will repeatedly generate assaults for you until you've either smashed the enemy or have been smashed yourself. To be precise, it stops when you are down to 3 troops, and at that point it works the same as the regular Assault button.

Clickable Maps

Instead of using the Action panel, you can play by clicking on the map. Point your mouse over playable regions and follow instructions in the tooltip. Use these shortcuts as well...

N Key: Skip to next game, Jump to next game
B Key: Begin Turn
E Key: End Deployment, End Assaults, End Reinforcement
L Key: Later (decline to play spoils)
W,S Keys: Increase/decrease troop quantity (slow)
Q,A Keys: Increase/decrease troop quantity (fast)
Mouse Wheel: Change troop quantity by scrolling over the selected region.
CTRL Key + Click: You can always use CTRL-click instead of the right mouse button.
Middle Click: To advance to next stage (Begin Turn, End Assaults, etc.) click the middle mouse button anywhere on the map.

Map-specific Gameplay Features


Some maps allow a special type of assault called bombardment. Bombardment doesn't allow you to conquer once the opponent's forces are destroyed, instead it converts the opposing region to a single neutral troop. Reinforcements can not be made along bombardment routes.

Note, an annihilated territory (one that has been bombarded and destroyed all enemy troops) that is neutral will immediately reset to one neutral army. Therefore the map will not visibly change if it previously had one neutral troop on it. If you need to confirm that the territory is annihilated check the Game Log. If you are in a game with spoils, you will receive spoils as normal for annihilating a neutral territory.

Killer Neutrals

Some maps have special neutral territories known as 'killer neutrals', which will reset to neutral at the beginning of the turn of the player who occupies it. Killer neutrals do not reset if they are already neutral.

Victory Conditions / Map Objectives

Some maps have 'victory' objectives, which you must conquer and hold for one round to win the game. If you are holding an objective, you will win the game at the moment you press the "Begin Turn" button, even in assassin and terminator games (think of this as the ultimate zone bonus). In team games, as with bonuses, the objective must be held by a single player.

Losing Conditions / Requirement Objectives

Some maps have 'requirement' objectives which you must continue to hold in order to avoid being eliminated. If your 'requirement' objective is taken from you, then you will be instantly eliminated from the game (think of this as a 'capture the flag' scenario). In team games, as with bonuses, the objective must be held by a single player.

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