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EMPIRE was a top 5 clan that merged with Agents of Chaos to form a new superpower, The Agents of The Chaotic Empire. EMPIRE rules from the front. Our clan is honorable, team orientated, and strategically superior to all others. Empire, which was formed in April 2008, are back-to-back champions in the 1v1 Clan Challenge, Conquerors Cup semi-finalists, Clan League 4 semi-finalists, Clan League ...
Average Score2,515.5
Score Range1,757-4,035
Clan War Record19/24 (79.2%)
Clan Game Record669/1159 (57.7%)
Tournament Record0/0
Tournament Score0
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No Medals

All Clan Wars

Id Name Clans Dates Status Score Winners
551EMPIRE vs the Fallen - May 2013EMP VS FALL2013-02-08 - 2013-05-07War Complete/ Games InactiveEMP 26 VS FALL 23 EMPIREDetails
506Agents of Chaos vs EMPIRE - Jan 2013AoC VS EMP2012-10-08 - 2013-01-07War Complete/ Games InactiveAoC 31 VS EMP 30 Agents of ChaosDetails
450EMPIRE vs Mythology - Sep 2012EMP VS MYTH 2012-07-18 - 2012-09-16War Complete/ Games InactiveEMP 37 VS MYTH 24 EMPIREDetails
430EMPIRE vs The Fantastic Four-Skins - Aug 2012EMP VS TFFS 2012-07-07 - 2012-08-17War Complete/ Games InactiveEMP 26 VS TFFS 19 EMPIREDetails
412EMPIRE vs Always Kicking Ass - Jul 2012EMP VS AKA2012-04-28 - 2012-07-04War Complete/ Games InactiveEMP 27 VS AKA 14 EMPIREDetails
373THE PACK vs EMPIRE - Apr 2012PACK VS EMP2012-01-27 - 2012-04-13War Complete/ Games InactivePACK 38 VS EMP 23 THE PACKDetails
323Knights of the Round Table vs EMPIRE - Dec 2011S&M VS EMP2011-09-19 - 2011-12-11War Complete/ Games InactiveS&M 37 VS EMP 23 Spanked and MilkedDetails
295EMPIRE vs The Odd Fellows Union - Sep 2011EMP VS TOFU 2011-06-30 - 2011-09-11War Complete/ Games InactiveEMP 40 VS TOFU 21 EMPIREDetails
263EMPIRE vs Nemesis - Jun 2011EMP VS Nem2011-05-07 - 2011-06-14War Complete/ Games InactiveEMP 30 VS Nem 11 EMPIREDetails
250EMPIRE vs Death By Comity - May 2011EMP VS DBC 2011-03-19 - 2011-05-22War Complete/ Games InactiveEMP 32 VS DBC 9 EMPIREDetails
241EMPIRE vs The Immortal Assassins - May 2011EMP VS IA2011-02-22 - 2011-05-04War Complete/ Games InactiveEMP 22 VS IA 20 EMPIREDetails
210EMPIRE vs The Imperial Dragoons - Feb 2011EMP VS ID 2010-12-25 - 2011-02-15War Complete/ Games InactiveEMP 23 VS ID 18 EMPIREDetails
200EMPIRE vs Soldiers of War - Nov 2010EMP VS Clan 1622010-09-10 - 2010-11-06War Complete/ Games InactiveEMP 41 VS Clan 162 19 EMPIREDetails
189EMPIRE vs The Last Warriors - Oct 2010EMP VS TLW 2010-07-27 - 2010-10-04War Complete/ Games InactiveEMP 47 VS TLW 13 EMPIREDetails
176Knights of the Round Table vs EMPIRE - Jul 2010S&M VS EMP2010-05-15 - 2010-07-17War Complete/ Games InactiveS&M 25 VS EMP 15 Spanked and MilkedDetails
134EMPIRE vs Mythology - Apr 2010EMP VS MYTH 2010-03-19 - 2010-04-30War Complete/ Games InactiveEMP 24 VS MYTH 16 EMPIREDetails
108EMPIRE vs Agents of Chaos - Jan 2010EMP VS AoC2009-11-23 - 2010-01-07War Complete/ Games InactiveEMP 38 VS AoC 22 EMPIREDetails
105EMPIRE vs Nemesis - Dec 2009EMP VS Nem2009-09-18 - 2009-12-17War Complete/ Games InactiveEMP 41 VS Nem 23 EMPIREDetails
97Legends of War vs EMPIRE - Oct 2009LOW VS EMP2009-07-20 - 2009-10-19War Complete/ Games InactiveLOW 36 VS EMP 24 Legends of WarDetails
53EMPIRE vs Black Sheep Squadron - Apr 2009EMP VS Clan 1262009-03-17 - 2009-04-18War Complete/ Games InactiveEMP 21 VS Clan 126 19 EMPIREDetails
51EMPIRE vs Warlords of the Wort - Apr 2009EMP VS Clan 173 - 2009-04-16War Complete/ Games NoneEMP 15 VS Clan 173 5 EMPIREDetails
49EMPIRE vs Imperial Britain - Mar 2009EMP VS Clan 1442009-02-22 - 2009-03-28War Complete/ Games InactiveEMP 24 VS Clan 144 16 EMPIREDetails
36EMPIRE vs The Imperial Dragoons - Dec 2008EMP VS ID 2008-11-18 - 2009-01-14War Complete/ Games InactiveEMP 24 VS ID 16 EMPIREDetails
12EMPIRE vs ++The Legion++ - May 2008EMP VS LEG2008-04-05 - 2008-05-23War Complete/ Games InactiveEMP 16 VS LEG 15 EMPIREDetails

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