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Types of Tournaments

Postby Night Strike on Sat Apr 17, 2010 2:56 pm

This post is an explanation of the Types of Tournaments available in the Tournament Database.

Standard: Tournaments using Standard games.

Terminator: Tournaments using Terminator games.

Assassin: Tournaments using Assassin games.

Doubles: Tournaments using Doubles teams.

Triples: Tournaments using Triples teams.

Quadruples: Tournaments using Quads teams.

Fog of War: Tournaments using games with Fog of War.

Manual Initial Troops: Tournaments using Manual deployment.

Sports League: Tournaments based upon a real Sports League.

Large Team: Tournaments featuring larger teams playing with a variety of game settings toward a common goal.

Mixed: Tournaments using more than one game type (I.E. Standard and Doubles or Triples and Assassin). NOTE: For a tournament to be mixed that encompasses Fog, it must have different game types (I.E. Doubles and Fog will be counted as Doubles).

Franchise: Tournaments that have been awarded the Franchise Designation by the Tournament Directors.

Official: Tournaments that are run by Team CC members for the benefit of groups on the site. These tournaments do NOT get organizer or winner medals as they do not necessarily meet the requirements for a public tournament.
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